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Operation Disclosure Intel Alert - May 23, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

All sources have been told to stay quiet as the Alliance finishes wrapping things up.

The Cabal have 3 states in which they operate out of.

Washington D.C. (Military)
London (Financial)
Vatican (Spiritual)

Over the years, the Alliance have successfully infiltrated the states and their ranks.

Washington D.C. now belongs to the Alliance under Trump. The Deep State/Shadow Government is being exposed.

Operations in taking London is nearing completion. The Royal Family's bank accounts have been frozen.

The Vatican is being exposed of their Satanic rituals and pedophilia.

Over 8000 Cabal individuals involved in shadow banking have been taken out/apprehended by Alliance Ghost Operators.

The Cabal's world or the "real world" as they like to call it is collapsing before their very eyes.

This is our world, not yours, it never was.

The RV release is now underway.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal

Earlier this week President Trump withdrew from the sham Iranian nuclear deal. President Trump knew the deal with the Iranian mullahs was not working.

This was despite former Secretary of State John Kerry working against the Trump administration to salvage the weak deal with the Iranian regime.
On Saturday John Kerry was spotted at a meeting with Iranian officials in Paris, France.

Of course, the Iranian regime is very upset with President Trump’s decision.
Now this…
Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari warned Western officials this week that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the weak deal.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari (Press TV)

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BREAKING: NXIVM Sold Child Sex Slaves To Clintons

NXIVM…a powerful satanic cult whose members include Keith Raniere…Allison Mack…The Bronfam Sisters...and many more VIPs, were assisted in selling child sex slaves to the Clintons by disgraced New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and funded by George Soros and the Rothschilds. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth about one of the most powerful forces in the PizzaGate empire…which includes a key figure tied directly to Donald Trump!

The GoldFish Report No. 225 - Week 69 POTUS Report w/ The FETZ: Q-Bits and Foreign Policy Fiasco

On The GoldFish Report No. 225- Louisa begins with commenting on the recent division in the alt. media concerning Q, Corsi, AJ, Cobra and others and encourages people not to allow this to divide We the Peeps, and continues to decipher and summarize the latest Q Anon posts and the blackmail extortion plot of the Iranians. The Fetz presents the latest news about the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem that happened today, the released hostages from North Korea, The Iran Deal and the trade issues associated with it, U.S. Sanctions on Iran and its consequences, China's new train route to Iran, U.S Smart Bomb sale to Saudi's, Israel's vow to eliminate Assad for allowing Iran to operate from there, BiBi insulting Shinzo Abe, Mueller probe, Clinton emails, update of false flag news and much more. You Don't want to miss this report! The Red Pills keep coming in this Great Awakening! To learn more about Jim Fetzer's research, books and articles, visit Google 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook' to find a free DVD of the facts. To receive our Reports you can subscribe to our BITCHUTE Channel at and to become a Patron of The GoldFish Report you can go to our Patreon page at . You can also subscribe to our "NEW" YouTube channel at, and, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing.

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Science news: Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago

OCTOPUSES are “aliens” which evolved on another planet before arriving on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago as “cryopreserved” eggs via a process known as panspermia, radical new research has suggested.

The extraordinary claims were made in a report entitled Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic? which was co-authored by a group of 33 scientists and published in the Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology journal.

The paper suggests that the explanation for the sudden flourishing of life during the Cambrian era – often referred to as the Cambrian Explosion – lies in the stars, as a result of the Earth being bombarded by clouds of organic molecules.

But the scientists go on to make an even more extraordinary claim concerning octopuses, which seem to have evolved on Earth quite rapidly something like 270 million years ago, 250 million years after the Cambrian explosion.

The paper states: “The genome of the Octopus shows a staggering level of complexity with 33,000 protein-coding genes more than is present in Homo sapiens.

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Benjamin Fulford Update: Purge at highest levels of secret government spells doom for the satanists

Purge at highest levels of secret government spells doom for the satanists

A change of guard and a purge of secret power brokers is breaking the deadlock in the battle for the Earth, say Pentagon, Vatican, agency, and other sources.  This is expected to result in the official disclosure of 9/11 and 3/11 truth as well as the removal of several G7 leaders, according to the sources.  To kick off this process, Admiral Mike Rogers, the head of the NSA who “resigned” on May 4th, “will testify before Congress to deal death blow to the cabal,” Pentagon sources say.
A publicly visible sign of this change was the formal election of Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre as the 80th Grand Master of the Knights of Malta on May 2.

This is important because the Knights of Malta is not just a charity, but a military order whose members, the tip top of the Western elite, must obey orders.  At one point MI6 sent me a list of the members of the order and I saw that it included enough senior U.S. military officers and agency officials to control the military-industrial complex.  Unfortunately, somebody was so concerned about my having it that it was removed from my computer along with a removable backup hard drive I thought I had hidden away.  Nonetheless, other public lists show the order includes people like George Bush Sr. and Jr., Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

What is interesting about Dalla Torre is that he obeys Pope Francis, unlike his predecessor, Fra’ Robert Festing, who reported to Cardinal Raymond Burke.  This is what self-described satanist Leo Zagami had to say about this move:

“Our worst fears became real when the last traditionalist Order that poses a threat to Francis, the Knights of Malta, still immensely powerful within the military and intelligence community worldwide (including the conservative side of the C.I.A), have seemingly lost their battle for the defense of tradition and Christianity.”

Zagami has told this writer he has eaten human fetuses and participated in occult ceremonies to “summon demons” and other entities.  I suppose that it is this “tradition” that he is defending.  He also said Christianity was “a religion for the slaves.” So the “Christianity” he is defending is the continued enslavement of humanity.

In any case, these changes are not just connected to religion, but are also intimately linked to the highest levels of world finance and power.  This is because the Vatican secretly controls most world governments and leaders by giving them a choice between “lead or silver,” i.e. assassination or a large deposit in their name at the Vatican bank, confirmed by P2 Freemasons and other sources.
On this front, Vatican #3 and person in charge of Finance, Cardinal George Pell, has been removed from power ostensibly because he faces criminal charges for covering up sex abuse in the church.  Coincidentally, his trial began on May 2, the same day the Knights of Malta elected their new leader.

This means that the apex of Western finance, the essence of the Deep State, is under new management.

These changes coincide with a huge move by Pope Francis to use high-level financial instruments to finance …

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Operation Disclosure Intel Update - May 1, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Mid-East Crisis" - May 1, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Cabal are making their last stand through Israel by attempting to ignite a war with Iran.

This is the Cabal's response to losing the Korean peninsula to the Alliance.

Kim Jong-un agreed to Alliance terms as he saw no benefit with what the Cabal had planned for him.

Israel is now increasing the frequency of attacks on Iranian installations in Syria. Iranian servicemen have perished as a result.

Israel has violated the Geneva Convention several times.

Iran and Syria have not retaliated despite Israel's aggression.

Who do you think is holding Iran and Syria back from retaliating?

If you guessed BRICS, then you are correct.

Is it just the BRICS? No, it goes much deeper than that.

The BRICS are part of the Alliance that is made up of all terrestrial resistance forces fighting for humanity.

The Cabal's despair is becoming more and more blatantly obvious through their actions.
Now that the Korean peninsula has been taken care of. The Alliance is switching all focus to the Middle East.

GESARA is right around the corner which means the RV is even closer.

The RV is said to begin before GESARA to act as an initial burst of wealth to promote love and compassion for humanity.

Keep watch for the release of the toll-free 800 numbers every midnight.

Source: Operation Disclosure

David Wilcock Update - Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now - April 27, 2018

Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now

The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent.

This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough.

No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

My friend David Seaman had his entire identity deleted off of YouTube and social media, only to return with stunning confidence — and new, direct intel about the arrests that are pending.

Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society.

Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.

Our own immediate insiders have experienced significant, ongoing threat. The obvious and extreme nature of these attacks again suggests desperation is occurring.

We are not backing down. We have public appearances scheduled for New Living Expo April 27-29, Contact in the Desert June 1-4, our Colorado Ascension Portal all-weekend event July 27-29, and others.

Once you understand the “shadow war” now reaching its crescendo, seemingly confusing and upsetting political events can take on dramatic new levels of meaning.

The payoff we will get if the Alliance succeeds in its campaign against the Deep State is almost beyond imagination.

[If you are new to this, we will define the Alliance a bit later on. A majority of the US military / intel community now supports Disclosure.]

As you may know, I have direct access to insiders who share very unique and compelling insights into the revolution now transpiring in our world.

As a result, we know that the Deep State has been hiding an astonishing wealth of ancient extraterrestrial ruins, crashed technologies, recovered bodies and reverse-engineered interstellar craft.
They also have ongoing, direct relationships with multiple intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations.

The scope and power of what lies hidden in these various underground vaults could literally transform us into the Star Trek age overnight.

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From Anonymous: Active Shooter Drill To Take Place at Henry Hudson Regional High School

From Anonymous:

 Highlands, New Jersey- An Active Shooter Drill has been scheduled for some time in April 2018 for Henry Hudson Regional High School in Highlands New Jersey. The 'Active Shooter Drill" was announced to parents at the beginning of school year 2016. According to students whose names are withheld because they are minors, they are reporting to each other their feelings of anxiety because they were told the date of this drill would not be announced and that there would be 'other' 'students' who will come to assist by playing dead or being injured. According to one student, the school held an assembly where the children were told "You Will be very scared". Students have expressed their parents opposition to such a violent drill but it is not known whether parents have voiced their dissent about exposing their children to violence, especially police violence. One parent who spoke on conditions of anonymity fears the psychological and emotional effects this could have on students may cause harm to the students and that exposing children, especially children with Autism, to violence is something schools should be discouraging, which makes you wonder if there is a political agenda behind this.

Benjamin Fulford Update - April 16, 2018

Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3  By    The insane religious-fanatic Zionists who have been trying for years to start Armageddon have failed yet again in their latest attempt, this time in Syria.  They now face serious repercussions, possibly starting with a revolution in France.

Before we get into the details, let’s remember what it is we’re dealing with here.  It is difficult for sane, reality-based people to understand that the Western political and financial establishment has been hijacked by religious fanatics who are trying to carry out their interpretation of Biblical prophecy with the murder of 90% of humanity and the enslavement of the survivors.  Nonetheless, overwhelming evidence shows this is exactly what is going on.

We will not lay out, yet again, all the evidence here;  we will just look at what U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been up to.  The Kushner family bought a building on 666 Fifth Avenue in New York at way above market prices.

And yes, despite a major attempt to scrub this information from non-“conspiracy” websites, we can confirm that Lucent Technologies was based there and was developing an implantable RFID chip.  Here is an article from a science magazine about what these chips are intended for:

We must also remind ourselves that Kushner is a member of the radical Chabad sect that aims to have 2,800 slaves for each of its followers after the rest of humanity is killed.  In other words, it is possible to factually confirm that the son-in-law of the president of the United States is part of a group that is trying to actually turn the following Biblical prophecy into reality:
Revelation 13:16-18
“Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name…and his number is 666.”At this point, it is worth reminding readers that this verse is from the New Testament and not the Jewish Old Testament, so this is not a Jewish plot and these people are not real Jews, but rather worship Satan.  Once again the old adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction,” is turning out to be true.
Now we can start to pin this to recent news events.  First, take a look at the photograph in the following link of Trump meeting with Chabad leaders on March 29th:

After meeting these people, Donald Trump signaled his reluctance to go along with their crazy plot by announcing the U.S. was going to withdraw from Syria.  So what happened?  Why did Trump suddenly order the attack on a Friday the 13th, of all dates?

The answer, according to CIA and other sources, is that the Khazarian Zionist crazies, desperate as their control grid collapses, carried out a massive campaign to force the U.S. and Russia into World War 3 and thus start their long-planned Armageddon.

The key was the raid on the offices of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, on April 9th.  The aim of the raid was to find material with which to blackmail Trump and thus force him to order an attack on Russian troops in Syria and start WW3, according to CIA and Pentagon sources.  Since Trump’s Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009 and since Trump was likely to have been bailed out by Russian gangsters and other dubious characters, there can be no doubt that plenty of blackmail material was found.

The U.S. military responded by posing for the following picture on the night of the raid.

“The message is that the U.S. military is solidly behind president Trump,” and “the message to the cabal is indicated by 9 on the left and 11 on the right,” Pentagon sources say.

The U.S. military nonetheless went ahead with the April 13th attack on Syria because…

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Corey Goode Intel Update: New Briefings, #MassArrest Updates, Syria Attacks Hitting Cabal Targets, Military Tribunals

Thanks to StillnessInTheStorm.Com

Image Credit:

Source Link:

UPDATE: We are finally starting to hear a lot of chatter and are starting to receive a number of briefings after a period of "running silent". We went through a period of weeks where I was told that the Alliance was operational. There were operators from Marine and Army Special Forces that were picking up leaders of MS13 (& foreign intelligence operatives connected) and sending some of them to GITMO in Cuba. I was told there have been a number of other operations throughout the world by these same US Special Forces Teams.

Quite a lot of very disturbing information is poised to be released in the coming weeks and months. I was told to be careful of intel coming in during this recent blackout period due to ongoing operations. The Alliance was searching for leakers and traitors within their ranks and pulled a few old tricks to identify them. I was told it worked. They release info through different sources that is slightly different and track the leaker by the difference in the Intel Report being circulated. This means that during that time I should not report what I heard as some of it was disinfo to root out leakers in an counterintelligence operation.

We are also told that elements within both the US and Russian Governments are trying to foment a World War as a distraction from the upcoming releases. They fear rogue operators from either of their armed forces will be ordered by the Cabal to attack the other. This tactic has worked for the Cabal on many occasions in the past. Keep in mind that we would have had an open military coup in 2015 if the Alliance had not been assured by DJT that he would legitimize their efforts if they waited until he was president. These same Generals made it known to the Cabal that if they took DJT out they would then immediately launch an open military coup and arrest nearly half of the government and form Military Tribunals. From what I am told, Military Tribunals will 100% be justified and needed once the level of evil and corruption is exposed.

There are serious concerns from within all factions of the Alliance (US Military/Intel side) about how the general public will react to this information. I know we have been promised for years there would be mass arrests. Some tell me that some of the Syrian missile strikes were actually against cabal targets and were approved by Putin (Allegedly, according to a briefing). Others are giving me intel that DJT has been compromised by threats to his family. I am waiting for more info in these briefings.

As I have stated previously... The Deep State would have had to of arrested itself. That was not going to happen. This process will be long and drawn out... over the next couple of years or so. Things are being done in a very legal and constitutional way to protect the Military Groups involved in the counter coup operations. The sealed indictments are real and will be unsealed when the time is right. I would also expect more false flags and data dumps from both sides to try to counter the moves of the other. So much of this war is being fought in the shadows and through electronic (Some AI hacks, Huge ones.. Crashing Military aircraft/getting into missiles etc) and Counterintelligence methods (Think Q. Military Intelligence!) and infiltration operations... not to mention fake training missions for the Marines and Army SF who are using the training as cover to make arrests and kill some of the most psychopathic operatives that are considered to dangerous to attempt to apprehend alive.

Again, think MS13 and similar groups that are run by both domestic and foreign Intelligence Groups. Stay tuned for some upcoming updates and articles from the people I work with. We may also have more info on a certain video that is on the dark web soon. I have been briefed on it and shown 8 still images.

I have turned down one offer from the Alliance to have me screen the video and report on it. After the briefings (W/Photos and video clips) I received at the end of last year about the "Pedovore" practices and what they do with these poor souls from beginning to end left me sick and unable to sleep for weeks. As a father, I don't know if I could look at much more of this Intel and be the same. Imagine how the general population would react? I feel we need Full Disclosure as does the SSP Alliance.

The Earth Alliance doesn't think society would survive the revelations and have plan on having most of this tried secretly in Military Tribunals. We deserve to know, react and heal from all of these revelations. None of this is happening as quickly as we would like, or deserve... but it is happening.

This is still very much a HOT and ACTIVE combat zone so expect a few twists and turns and maybe a false flag or two soon. I know this sounds horrifying, and it is... but from these revelations and how this war ends will set our planet on a path to true freedom and allow us to openly become apart of the cosmic community and live in a world not controlled by these sick and evil cult members.

The FBI raid and arrests of those running a website that was responsible for over 70% of online human trafficking was taken down and the people arrested are cooperating. There were a few other moves made recently that sealed the fate of these sick individuals. The average person is going to have problems believing that this level of evil really exists. Once they do, the Elite had better prepare for justice.

Thank you for being patient during this Intelligence Blackout period.

Corey Goode

PS: I have kept mostly quiet about most of these details. If what I am told is correct... it will be impossible to hide from these topics in the near future.

#Pedogate Updates & Breaking News - Hillary Clinton Pedogate Tape Found, Liz Croken Updates, #Pedovore via SGTReport


As President Trump's war against human trafficking shifts into high gear, the CEO of has been arrested and his website shut down. Q has repeatedly said, these people are 'PURE EVIL'. I wanted to take this opportunity to illustrate that "these people" includes the most powerful people on earth - and the atrocities they have committed FOR DECADES are so hellish in nature that if it was not all documented, it would be too hard to believe. The horror described in this mirco-documentary is systemic - and global. And the thing they fear most is... the public awakening.

Breaking: Clinton-Abedin PedoGate Video Found On Dark Web

A video featuring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin engaging in sex acts with an underage girl is now available on the dark web. The NYPD claims the video made seasoned police officers cry and is the “Rosetta Stone” of information connecting senior politicians, such as Clinton, to an elite pedophile ring. David Zublick takes you from the halls of power in Washington to the gates of Hell in this special report!

Liz Crokin Update - LizCrokin April15 Update

I discuss:
- Hillary attending a LITERAL witches coven.
- Backpage
- The HRC video


Liz Crokin Update - LizAprilShowersUpdate
I break down the latest news revolving around sex trafficking, Pizzagate and Pedogate. Backpage has been taken down for sex trafficking, President Trump signed a bill to punish sites that enable and foster sex trafficking -- are you paying attention FaceBook, Insta ant Twitter? -- and Q Anon drops MOABS on convicted pedophile & Clinton BFF Jeffrey Epstein and his private island where kids have been raped, tortured and sacrificed.

Yosef Update - "Refresher" - April 15, 2018

Received via email.....


To any and all Human Angels out there still lost in the fog, new and old, maybe out there wanting a refresher course as to who and why we all got here, and where here really is and also where we all might end up shortly… the post is for you.

First, let me begin by saying that none of you have to agree of anything said below. 

Select whatever you feel to be true and either accept or deny it. 

This information is free and yours to discern.

Also, you can refuse anything you read as being propaganda and false evidence appearing real.  No offense taken.

So many of my readers get caught up in the emotional rejection of new information because it doesn’t agree with their current points of view, I believe they miss the point of why people click on internet links in the first place… to get new information, process it and perhaps grow intellectually and emotionally.

All my Halo posts are meant to spur thought, spark discussion and hopefully educate Human Angels on different perspectives than their own. 

That said, lets go back almost seventeen years to September 11, 2001 at 8am EST. 

A normal fall day for most everyone in the world, expect those that were running the financial system. 

Their world was about to change forever and they couldn’t have that, so they attacked the financial center of the world in lower Manhattan with a historic false flag attack and blamed radical Islamic terrorists.

We can debate who really was behind 9/11, why it happened, even if actual planes really flew into the towers and building 7, as well as how the building systematically was brought down through either controlled explosion or nuclear cold fusion… but the origin of 9/11 actually began in 1944, with the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire.

That’s when the entire world gathered after WS2 to devise a new global financial system, which was agreed to by all nations of the world after the defeat of Nazi Germany and the first Axis of evil (Germany, Japan, Italy).

This new financial system also spawned the Central Banking System (CBS), World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and even the re-instiution of the gold standard for all currencies—which was physically supplied by Asian Elders (primarily from the wealth of the exiled Philippine King and 23rd Spanish Pope Father Antonio Jose Diaz). 

In the next two years, millions of metric tonnes of gold were placed into Central Banking vaults globally with the assistance of the Philippine military, led by brilliant attorney Ferdinand Marcos, not only support all global currencies with a gold collateral, but also all global trading and post war reconstruction financing. 

These scattered accounts, but web of united international sovereign trusts, were the physical assets backing the new financial system and were “gifted with love” for all humanity to both prosper and achieve peace. 

With gold again supporting the financial stability of the world, this new system could easily handle the age of electronic commerce.

As a result of this benevolent gesture, the modern world flourished post WW2. 

Britain and Japan were rebuilt.  China was introduced into the world economy.  America became a haven for industry and innovation.  

However, all less developed or “third world nations” did not thrive as promised.  Quite the opposite in fact, as these poor nations continued to fall further and further into abject poverty despite these new, massive available lines of credit.

Without an already thriving economy these nations could not repay their loans at higher modern world interest rates—and thus had to unknowingly collateralize their natural resources to refinance their loans with the before mentioned IMF, World Bank and BIS.

At its core, Bretton Woods was a flawed financing system due to its over use of usury (loans with guaranteed interest repayments) over non recourse capital grants (loans without repayment guarantees).

You see, the way global markets we’re set up post WW2, there was to be humanitarian percentage coming off all global trades for sovereign capital needs, weather disaster or basic infrastructure funding—which sadly was correctly designed within the original Bretton Woods System when all new monies were first originated onto the global financial trading platform—hence the populate sovereign wealth terms platform trading or private placement programs.

Central and South America, Africa and to a large extent South East Asia just never saw the same kind of capital and thus growth other more sophisticated economies received with great ease or abundance. 

There become a growing and tragic imbalance of international wealth slanted to western world powers politically—where mathematically—literally an irreversible negative exponent trend line skyrocketed, penalizing the “have nots” around the world.

What was even more tragic was that all of these less developed nations had large populations of color; and thus severe racial economic injustices were silently being committed against indigenous races and nations (intentionally), literally destroying human life via economic warfare. 

And as this negative exponent trend line began driving further and further upwards, nations grew poorer and poorer until they were forced to borrow more and more funds at interest, until they lost their sovereign rights  to own their own natural mineral reserves. 

Thus, the single act of issuing interest against principal for indigenous nations literally guaranteed their own extinction, and certainly accelerated the loss of control of their God given sovereign wealth as well as diplomatic standing.

When the fifties arrived, war began breaking out across South East Asia and the Koreas.  With the sixties we saw Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Israel / Palestine and Iran all engaging in violent and brutal civil wars. 

In the seventies we had to swallow the destruction of Yugoslavia and many nations in Africa attacked at every turn.  Then came the eighties and start of the Soviet Union collapse, Baltic nation overthrows, which ultimately swept across many European and Eurasian countries.

So many governments fell, so many families refugeed, so many people simply fighting for sustenance all due to unethical usury practicals at the macro financial level.

And also at every hidden turn, gold and diamonds were being siphoned out of Central Banks and private family reservers overtaken by war. 

Also, up and coming natural natural mineral resources were plundered and still are to this day, as well as peaceful governments being covertly overthrown in coup d'etats via western clandestine special services—all remnants of hidden Bretton World world domination strategies.  

In fact, this gold war even came to America when Nixon was forced to take America off the gold standard in 1971 which ultimately forced his resignation in 1974. 

Many believe the truth of a fiat dollar first arrived when then President Franklin Roosevelt had to demand the collection of American citizenry gold and silver back in 1933.

That’s how long this struggle to back currency with gold has been going on!

Don’t think for a second these moments in American history had anything to do with politics, wars or obstructing justice for political gain. 

No, these Presidents were acting to protect the illusion that America still had gold in Fort Knox to back it’s own paper, as quickly all western world countries needed hard assets to back their currencies and bonds, guaranteeing or paying out creditors of their sovereign debts around the world.

That’s why the petrol dollar had to be created (money backed by oil reserves), and also why Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emerites and Kuwait became so incredibly wealthy so fast, as all crude oil production worldwide was forced into buying and selling in US dollars, which were then immediately converted to US Treasuries and resoled on the global market place—in essence laundering bad fiat debt for good gold backed paper of other good standing nations.

However at some point, all such debts must be called and that’s where we are now on 2018. 

The massive, beautiful and horrific lie that is gold-less or Godless money is over.  And the international debt roosters have come home to roost over the American USD / UST chickens. 

As not only have dozens of countries become oil independent of the Middle East, but also countries are no longer buying or selling oil in the American currency (USD) and thus US Treasury bonds sales are declining at an alarming rate.

To make matters worse for America economic stability, China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Angola are now buying and selling oil in their own currencies and dominating the marketplace. 

And just as a closing cost wrinkle, these nations have also backed all their the oil sales in physical gold bullion, which the United States Treasury simply cannot crate, duplicate or sanction—because it has very limited gold reserves.

Translated, the US economy suddenly finds itself helpless to generate long-term wealth through the sale of crude oil, which was the primary commodity collateralizing the majority of American corporate wealth since 1974, when the petrol dollar was first introduced.

Naturally, the mass media says little to anything about the grave nature of this threat to our American way of life, as it is no longer existential in nature but a here now dilemma. 

This why the global financial system is being forced to artificially transition back to a gold standard—which of course dates back originally to the 9/11 attacks when the old finical powers would not relinquish control to the new powers that be—primarily Asia, Russia and Africa Union nations. 

No, instead of peace we proceeded to get more and sudden wars breaking out in Iraq, Afghanistan, mountains of Pakistan, North Africa (Arab Spring), Central Africa and Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen… just to name a few hot spots.

It’s been bloody seventeen years to say the least.  Hard to live through.  Thankfully we did!

All because the old Bretton Woods financial system was being replaced as faulty by those who initially agreed to manage the task (North American Alliance Treaty nations or NATO). 

This is why the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) had to be created in 2009, just as a logical, moral alternative to the madness of the western financial system’s overt desire to bankrupt the world and induce sovereign submission through military and economic oppression via their now corrupted Central Banking System, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Bank of International Settlements mafia. 

All of them have been completely corrupted after 74 years of lawless activity; thus all these institutions either needed to be removed and reset, or at the very least reformed in board of director majority.

FYI: This included the Vatican Bank in 2012.

The good news is that all such needed changes have already been made due to some heroic but anonymous careers of BRICS Alliance leaders (and back of the bank Sovereign Elders); including American White Knights in the military working with deeply Patriotic covert agenda leaders within our own government who understood the grave dangers facing the world, and stepped bravely into the gap to reverse the mechanisms of power.

Thank you.  You know who you are.  But thank you again!

What’s now emerging is that the BRICS Alliance has created a technologically advanced quantum satellite financial system with new impenetrable Blockchain software, and it’s subtly coming on line to replace the old Bretton Woods System, with a gold backing from the massive precious metal reserves of Africa, lead by Zimbabwe and the African Elders, as to return the world currency and international trading markets back to some fiscal sanity before it was too late.

No easy task to say the least, but done now, and thus already accomplished and simply awaiting implementation for public use. 

Seriously, it’s all over but the shouting despite what you see nightly on TV in Syria and with Trump.

Everything is settled and being implemented now—including a working two state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Also know that some very poor countries once thought to have worthless currency values will suddenly become incredibly valuable as they relate to how much precious metals reserves they either stored above ground in Central Bank vaults or have been audited to have below ground as mineable natural asset reserves.

Thus, nations ravaged by war or past western banking sanctions like Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Vietnam and Afghanistan will all see tremendous value increases due to their currency values against a gold standard. 

Simply because they posses large quantities of precious metal assets and China is accounting for their wealth through an advanced digital financial system operating out of Beijing.

That’s where we are in a nutshell, and what many refer to as the Global Currency Reset.  Which ironically is simply the refreshment of truth versus the creation of something entirely new or different philosophically. 

The world is now waiting (im)patiently for the transition to formally take place as all nations know what’s going on, but still millions are suffering daily to past economic and emotional wounds that go unreported.  Just ask Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Congo, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, all of Europe and Euroasia—get the picture. 

The entire world is depending on this gold backed hydration system to start flowing funds, and begin a new and exciting chapter in human existence. 

Ultimately, this will include the resignation of President Trump if nothing else as to reverse of curse Henry Kissinger out in the world with his petrol dollar scam.  

Also be aware that a new American government named the Republic of the United States will be moved forward and restored sanity back to our government (i.e. back to the founding father’s original Constitutional intent), as well as the restoration of US money and sovereign assets back to a gold standard of value.

Know that this transition has been on going in classified silence behind the scenes since honestly the early eighties when Reagan was President.  And hidden geopolitical movements are just now completing in full public view, all be it in a confusing fashion and time in American political history. 

This includes moving the world beyond the temporary and chaotic leadership of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, replacing them per the Constitution with Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse.

We are also told to crate stability both Ryan and Sasse will run (and win) in 2020 and 2024 if all things go according to Hoyle. 

Trump’s impending impeachment will be by a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives after the 2018 midterms in November, and commence sometime in February of 2019, where by Ryan and Sasse will be inserted.

This transition of power must be done by the book, but honestly is far more a scripted reality television sequence than a questioned outcome. 

China and Russia have left  nothing to chance after the lengths they went to to secure a stable American replacement military, monetary system, state department and finally functioning government. 

Just know that the decision of when and how to remove Trump was made long before “his decision” to run for the White House back in June 2015.

In fact, it will come out eventually that Trump was blackmailed into running by Russia (per the pee-tape, hooker dossier) as well as by the BRICS Alliance after the Obama Administration agreed to surrender and transition the country in all areas via international court sovereign bankruptcy terms—which sadly were forced on America by the 2008 financial collapse when the Asian Elders margin called Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers in a short period of time, mathematically bringing down every western bank and government, as all tied together through fiat derivatives, and were leveraged several thousand times above whatever natural resources they could claim as collateral.

Remember, all debts must be paid on a global financial system eventually, including all reconcilable currencies and bonds (which many of you hold today) regardless of their face value or issue date.

Look, I realize this is a lot of information, and perhaps worthy of a second and even third read for comprehension, but the truth of the matter is that the post WW2 finical system become so corrupted it had to be replaced or risk real danger against the most innocent of humanity.   And when in 2001, the old Bretton Woods powers didn’t agree to letting go of global finance, a currency/proxy/philsosphical/spiritual war broke out without the public knowing.

The end of that war is what is now playing out before your eyes, either with or without your knowledge, and the residue of past sins, as well the future for third world countries with massive natural resources emerging financially is the overwhelming reality in this current day and time.

So whether you own currency of one of these emerging market nations, or have developed an understanding of how things really work versus what the media / public education tells us is real, well… that responsibility is all yours. 

What this post is intended to do is give you a little history of who, what, where, when and why things have manifested to this apparent chaotic state we currently reside in, all of us, globally, and try and explain why all the mayhem is going to not only disappear, but unprecedented peace and prosperity for all good standing sovereign nations of the world is already upon us.

We simply awaiting the starters gun to begin a wonderful charitable marathon known as the GCR/RV, operating with a 100% gold backed financial system (with all necessary reserves in Africa) severing as collateral for all currencies, bonds and trades—mercifully including the worst corruptors of the old Bretton Woods financial system.

To all those who demonstrated such amazing grace to the innocents of those countries and governments, Mahalo nut loa.

God is with us

#FakeNews = CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS, BBC, ABC = Mind Control

 Poll: 77 percent say major news outlets report 'fake news'

President Donald Trump is not alone in thinking media outlets spread "fake news."
More than 3-in-4 of 803 American respondents, or 77 percent, said they believe that major traditional television and newspaper media outlets report “fake news,” according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday, marking a sharp increase in distrust of those news organizations from a year ago, when 63 percent registered concerns about the spread of misinformation.

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Over 50 New Nasca Lines Found in Peru

Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peruvian Desert

Armed with satellites and drones, archaeologists discover new Nasca lines and dozens of other enigmatic geoglyphs carved into the earth.

By Michael GreshkoPUBLISHED April 5, 2018

Etched into the high desert of southern Peru more than a millennium ago, the enigmatic Nasca lines continue to capture our imagination. More than a thousand of these geoglyphs (literally, 'ground drawings') sprawl across the sandy soil of Nasca province, the remains of little-understood ritual practices that may have been connected to life-giving rain.

Now, Peruvian archaeologists armed with drones have discovered more than 50 new examples of these mysterious desert monuments in adjacent Palpa province, traced onto the earth's surface in lines almost too fine to see with the human eye. In addition, archaeologists surveyed locally known geoglyphs with drones for the first time—mapping them in never-before-seen detail.

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Benjamin Fulford Update - The world asks, “Has America gone insane?”

The current leadership of the Anglo-Saxon world is acting in a manner that can only be described as insane, by issuing one obviously false, incendiary claim after another in a vain attempt to start World War 3.  They are doing this because the current leadership is literally fighting to survive as the wheels of justice inevitably grind closer.

This is why recently we have seen that UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s hysterical claims that Russia used poison gas inside the UK are being denied by her own government’s experts.  This is also why U.S. President Donald Trump was either forced by blackmail or fooled like an idiot into falsely accusing the Syrian government yet again of attacking its own civilians with chemical weapons.

In both cases, the accusations ultimately came from the actual perpetrators of the crimes.  In the UK, it was elements of its own intelligence services who manufactured the poison gas incident, CIA and MI5 sources confirm.  Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya called the UK’s behavior a “theater of the absurd.”

In the case of Syria, U.S. and UK agents were caught red-handed with banned chemical weapons in their possession.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, for his part, summed up the of opinions many countries about U.S. foreign policy under the Trump administration by noting it to be “highly controversial,” “lacking clarity,” and being run by people none of whom had more than a year’s experience.

The general impression is that the Trump administration is going against all major international agreements reached in recent years without actually offering an alternative, multiple sources agreed.
On top of that, Trump U.S. Commerce officials, working against the advice of the Pentagon, have declared a trade war with China that they are mathematically doomed to lose.  China’s government has already promised to “fight to the end at any cost.”

So what is really going on here?  The answer, of course, is that the group of Western leaders who brought us the fake war on terror and the various invasions that followed are terrified of losing power and consequently being charged with multiple war crimes.  This is the real reason why they are acting, collectively, in an irrational and hysterical manner.

The situation in the U.S. remains the most intense, as an undeclared but de facto civil war is raging there.  The war pits the fascist Khazarian mafia faction that staged 9/11, the Iraq War, and Fukushima against patriots who want to restore democracy and the rule of law to the West.

Unlike the open warfare of previous civil wars, this one is being fought over the instruments of mass mind control, including money, propaganda, cyberwarfare, targeted assassinations, and unpublicized battles between special forces.

The ongoing attacks on Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, even as these Internet giants strive to censor the web, are just one visible aspect of this new type of war.

There is also a space war and esoteric dimension to this that is visible to the surface population in small glimpses, much like people on a boat watching a battle between sea monsters that takes place mostly underwater.

The latest such glimpse was the crashing down to earth of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1.  It was downed by U.S. forces in retaliation for recent crashes of U.S. warships apparently engineered by the Chinese, CIA sources say.  Now three U.S. aircraft carrier groups are headed to the South China Sea to confront a massive Chinese battle group there, the CIA sources say.

In fact, though, the two groups may actually be facing a common enemy, say Pentagon sources.  Most of the action is taking place underwater and in secret, the sources say.

According to the CIA sources, “The real reason for all the sabre-rattling by the Western military powers is that…

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