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Will You Be One of the Fab Five?

Randy Gage -

Please allow me to ask you a few questions to set the context.

  • Are you’re a speaker, author, coach, consultant, political leader, YouTuber, or thought leader who wants to make a real difference in the world?
  • Just between you and I – truth be told – how relevant are you in your space right now?
  • How much of an impact are you making?
  • Are you driving the conversation, and changing the game?
  • How much of a difference could you make if you had the right platform?

If you really want to make a bigger difference, be more relevant, and create a stronger impact – you need to be at my TRIBAL event.  (And if not, please feel free to skip the rest of this post.)

If you’re still here, there is a unique opportunity for you – but you have to move on it this weekend!

Because I’m going to offer something career-defining, for the next five people who reserve their spot.  Here’s the deal…

I will be conducting numerous “Hot Seats” at TRIBAL. In these audience favorites, I select a volunteer and bring them onstage for live coaching and critique. They become a teaching example for the room, helping them actually implement what they just learned, while everyone watches. Being selected for a Hot Seat is a powerful learning experience for you.

The next five people who enroll for TRIBAL will get to be selected for one of the following five Hot Seats:

1) Brainstorm Your Book Concept

It isn’t enough to write a book. You need to write the book that no one else in the world can write. A book that people actually buy. Actually read. And actually act on.  That means you need the right concept, the perfect title, a spicy cover, and a table of contents that has a casual browser dying to dive into it.


2) Website Design Overview

If you want your work you reach the world in a meaningful way, you need to earn money. And that means your website has to show people how to spend money with you. If you’re in this Hot Seat, we’ll pull up your actual website and critique it for search engine viability, mobile viewing, meta tags, keywords, headlines, copy, and just how effectively it allows (causes) people to buy from you.


3) Strategize Your Next Product Launch

Just creating a product does nothing for you or your tribe. You need a riveting, buzz-generating launch that lets the world know you have a sexy new product, and they can’t live without it. In this Hot Seat, we’ll strategize a complete launch game plan for you, including landing pages, upsells, affiliate programs, social media and offers. You’ll learn how to launch your product with a frantic frenzy of sales!


4) Create a Powerful Speech Opening

For this Hot Seat, you’ll actually take the stage and do a few minutes of your speech or workshop. Show us what you’ve got. Then I’ll help you crystalize it down to create the most powerful opening to seize attention. Something that will have every person in your audiences leaning forward on the edge of their chair, breathlessly waiting to hear what you’re going to say next.


5) Conceptualize Your YouTube Channel

The world is moving to video. To be relevant, you need to also. And if you want to be a thought leader, expert, or agent of change, a robust YouTube channel will help you reach your goals. For this Hot Seat we’ll brainstorm the channel name, what kind of intro video you need, what kind of playlists to build and the best way to develop a large subscriber base. If you choose this Hot Seat, you’ll know exactly how to create a powerful channel.

Here’s the thing: To snatch one of these slots, you have to be one of the next five people to register your spot. I’m quite sure that will happen over the weekend. So you need to move fast.

So go now to and read through the entire event overview. Then if it sounds like it is right for you, lock in your spot.

On Monday, I will check with my assistant Lornette, to see who registered in what order and we’ll contact those five to get their preference for what Hot Seat they prefer. They will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re ready to make a bigger impact, move fast!


P.S.  Remember I will reserve the Hot Seats on a first-come, first served basis. Be one of the next five people and lock yours in. Here is the site again:

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Your Spectacular Power…

Randy Gage -

To make the world a better place, we have to help every person on it, realize their significance. So in that spirit, let me remind you of some things – and make you aware of some others…

You know what some of your gifts are. But you only have a feeble and limited idea of your true potential.

You’ve allowed other people and outside factors to create the self-view you have of yourself.  And many of those people and factors aren’t qualified to offer you feedback, or have motives to distort it.

You have lots of opportunities to practice confusion and suffering.  You’ve given them too much power and now it is necessary that you take that power back.

Wisdom, and choosing the path to enlightenment are your birthrights.  So you can turn your focus and your power to them.

You have gifts you aren’t even aware of.

You have more energy than you have ever tapped yet.

You have more talents than you’ve ever unleashed.

You have more strength than you know.

You have a greater capacity to love than you are aware of.

You have a greater capacity to contribute than you realize.

I’m just here to remind you…

– RG

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The Surprising Truth about Peak Performers

Randy Gage -

Step into my world. It’s a fascinating place, because I get to mentor, coach, and contribute to the transformation of high-level achievers.  It’s a job that humbles me, and gives a unique perspective into the process of reaching greatness.

There are a lot of perceptions and common beliefs about high-level achievers and how they reach that status.  Almost all of them wrong…

Because I’m working with top performers in many different fields, from sports to business to the arts, I get to see the commonalities and characteristics that really drive their results.  And some of what you’ll discover seems sensible enough.  But some other things may surprise or even shock you.

Most people think peak performers are dynamic powerful people – which they are – who were born that way.  Which they weren’t.

No one is born that way.

Certainly some people are raised in positive environments, have higher self-esteem, bigger dreams, or more confidence.  And confidence is a hug part of success. The success formula I see most frequently is:

Competence Breeds Confidence – Confidence Breeds Success

But most people think peak performers are special people – born with such amazing gifts that they simply have confidence from the get-go, and everything feeds off of that.  The reality is quite different.

The high achievers I work with weren’t born confident in their ultimate success.  And they weren’t born a great athlete, artistic genius, or breakthrough entrepreneur.   They didn’t begin with a confidence that their success was preordained.

And here’s what may shock you: They don’t become extraordinary in their craft because they believe they are extraordinary people.  They believe exactly the opposite.

They think they are average people who will face lots of daunting challenges to achieve what it is they seek.  And their real confidence comes because they are confident they can learn the skills they need, practice the habits they will have to have, and develop the character traits required.

They don’t just fall in love with the vision of what they want to accomplish.  They fall in love with the process they will go through to achieve that accomplishment.

Yes, they have swagger.  Yes, they have confidence.  Yes, they have belief.  But all that swag, confidence and belief comes from the opposite perspective that most people think.

They become world class because they know that they’re not world class, not special, not entitled.  They know they are average people who have the ability to become peak performers.

They are confident in their ability to learn what they need to know, to get to where they want to end up.  And they celebrate the journey along the way, including the sacrifice, challenges and work required.

That confidence leads to competence, and that competence fuels a greater confidence.

So here’s your homework:

What do you have to learn – that will create the competence – that fuels the confidence – to get you where you want to go?

– RG

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Be Brave…

Randy Gage -

I went on a tweet-storm this morning about people’s tendency to change how they act, based on fears of what others may think. I’ve been receiving lots of feedback on the discussion, so thought you might like them all together.  The thread gives you an insight into the connection between low self-esteem and giving away your power, and the destructive effects that creates.

Showing your authentic self to others carries great risk. Do it anyway.


People may be threatened by your vision, boldness or actions. That means you’re on the right track.


If no one has looked at you sideways since yesterday – you’re probably living too fearful.


Nothing epic has ever been accomplished without irritating, intimidating, or frightening somebody.


If you’re ashamed of yourself – you haven’t yet discovered your true self.


Never play small to placate others. That’s not humility; it’s a crime against the force that created you.


No one can hold you back without your permission. Deny it to them.

What do you think?  And how are you doing on all this? -RG

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Tapping Into Your Genius

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Elon Musk wasn’t the first person who thought of Hyperloop transportation.  I had a lady present the concept to me over 25 years ago.  Elon is just the first guy to really do something about it.

Elon wasn’t the first person to think of battery-powered automobiles.  He was just the first to seriously do something about them.

And Elon certainly wasn’t the first person to think about base stations on the moon, or colonizing Mars.  He’s just the guy doing it.

All this is not to say Elon isn’t a brilliant, amazing genius.  Because he most certainly is that.  But his ultimate genius is his practice of getting to work, being willing to fail, and passionately pursuing his ideas.

Which brings us to you…

You don’t have to be the first person to think about doing something astonishing.  You just have to be the first to do it.


P.S. Be sure to read my last book Mad Genius, for a deeper dive into how we can all access our innate genius.

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Finding Inspiration

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I once mentioned in a blog that I got a kick out of opening the garbage chute in my condo and seeing a bag of garbage fly by from a floor above mine. Someone commented about what a simpleton I was. Guilty as charged.

Because some of the simplest things in life can provide you with joy, happiness, and inspiration. If you’re looking for them…

You probably recognize the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, or the Andes Mountains. But do you notice all the mind-blowing beauty you drive or walk past on a daily basis?

Do you really recognize how amazing it is that an A380 airliner can fly? Do you savor the smell of the grass when you go to a baseball game? Notice the beauty of the lines in your grandmother’s face?

When’s the last time you watched an industrious ant go about his work? Studied the texture in a leaf? Or marveled at the mysterious place an amazing book transported you to?

You are surrounded by beauty, mystery, and inspiration. Savor it and you’ll attract much more.


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Changing Dysfunctional Patterns

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Most of us fall prey to dysfunctional patterns at some point or another in our lives. We repeat negative relationships with different partners, move from one addiction to another, or simply hold onto limiting beliefs about our worthiness or abilities that prevent us from achieving our best potential.

And until you break this negative cycle, it is destined to keep repeating itself.

The first step is an honest acknowledgment that you have a problem. Self-knowledge is the most important step in self-correction.

The next step is discovering the “why.” Meaning to discover what is causing you to take that behavior. This is a process of critical thinking and questioning premises you may hold dear. (Or not even know you have.)

Why do you feel unworthy and have an inferiority complex? Why do you subconsciously seek out partners that practice abusive behavior again? Why do you self-sabotage your own advancement?

There are reasons that cause you to act the way you do…

Did you have a person of influence that always told you that you weren’t good enough? Did you learn negative relationship behavior from your parents? Were you brainwashed by a religion to believe you are not meant to be happy on this existence? Discovering the cause of negative behavior is a huge step towards changing it to a better result.

Over the years you have developed core, foundational beliefs…

Beliefs such as money is bad, rich people are evil, or it’s spiritual to be poor. Or it could beliefs like you have to be a bad parent to be successful, or your business has to exploit others to be profitable. And like causes of behavior, recognizing a limiting belief is the first step to changing it.

Once you discover a limiting belief – you can blow it up, and replace it with an empowering one!

So how you doing on that?


P.S. I’m definitely more of a writer than a video guy.  So I’m posting blogs here a lot more often.  If you haven’t signed up, enter your email in the “STAY CONNECTED” box to the right if you want to get an alert when I publish a new blog post for you.

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Lose the Clutter!

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If you come to my home, you won’t find walls crowded with artwork.  You’ll see beautiful paintings and photos with lots of breathing room around them.  The tables and counters aren’t cluttered with tchotchkes and trinkets.  You’ll find a lot of clean lines and open space. Why?

Because living in harmony creates harmonious thinking…

To keep my thinking clear and creative, I need to be in a pleasant environment.  When as my desk starts getting cluttered, my productivity goes down.  As soon as I notice the encroachment, I stop whatever project I’m in the middle of – do an organizing and cleaning, and only then proceed.

A huge part of success comes from the mindset you operate with.  And your mindset is dramatically influenced by your environment and surroundings.

So have you given much thought to the clutter in your life?

What does your desk and working space look like?  Is your home “busy” or clean?  Are you in a harmonious environment that promotes clear thinking and creativity?

What’s your schedule like?  The clutter that comes from not knowing how to use your time can create deep drops in productivity.

And what about the people in your life?

Oftentimes the most important de-cluttering you can do is to remove certain people from your life.

You have people who doubt you, ridicule you or tell you why you can’t succeed.  Some are even well-meaning ones.  You have others that waste your time or are always talking about negative things.  And what about the ones who come around with jumper cables, looking to suck all the energy from your body?

Some of those people, you simply need to eliminate from your life!  Others that isn’t possible, but you can limit your time with them.  And counter program with positive influences.

So if you want to have an amazing day, week month or even life – lose some of the clutter.

How you doing on that?


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Why Resistance is Good

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There is a foundation truth to growth, development and evolution.  It is a truth that underlies almost every aspect of your journey to illumination, and determines whether you succeed or fail. And that truth is this:

Your strength is determined by the resistance you are willing to face.

Strength comes from resistance.  This is true whether we’re talking about athletic training, your career, or other aspects of your life.  Because victory is born from failure.  Failure is never the final defeat unless you accept it as such.  But if you are committed to learning and growing from failure – from challenges, obstacles and things not always going the way you wish – you will emerge stronger, wiser and better.  In a superior position to achieve your goals and dreams.

So take a quick inventory…

If you haven’t had a major failure in your life, better get to it quickly. Because the people without a spectacular failure on their resume, are the ones leading lives of mediocrity.

People willing to face resistance – are ultimately the ones who accomplish bold, daring, and epic achievements.

Your next big breakthrough is out there – at the edge of your comfort zone.  Are you ready to chase it?

– RG

P.S. I’m definitely more of a writer than a video guy.  So I’m posting blogs here a lot more often.  If you haven’t signed up, enter your email in the “STAY CONNECTED” box to the right if you want to get an alert when I publish a new blog post for you.


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Clickbait, Sleazy Marketing, and Fake News

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Marketing is continually changing. (I couldn’t bring myself to use the word “evolving,” because I’m not sure if that is really true.)  And certainly websites and mobile are driving a lot of those changes.  But where are they really taking us?

If you read Risky Is the New Safe, or Mad Genius, you know I warned about the ethical issues and dilemmas that disruptive developments in technology would create for us.

As I said in the books, mobile changes everything about everything.  The Internet and social media destroy all you thought you knew about marketing and branding.  And the increase in accessing content online eviscerates the traditional advertising revenue model.

I believe one of the spaces to watch closely is the media – its migration online, and how that affects the revenue model.

Certainly the model of which screens programming gets accessed on, and how it is paid for, is undergoing great disruption.  (As it should.)  It also raises some intriguing ethical issues.  And one place where the ethics are looking very sketchy is the online media platforms.

The issue of clickbait is well known.  But now we’ve gone from the “black hat” bad guys doing it, to almost everyone.  The pressure to drive traffic to online properties is intensifying, and is now impacting even news organizations.

Forbes magazine has held an esteemed reputation for their 99-year history in which they have “managed to remain true to our brand’s long-standing mission of championing entrepreneurial capitalism.”

Now of course, they’re moving online and want to retain their advertising revenue.  So they engage a lot of people to produce online content and create traffic for their site.  But what kind of stories are they promoting?

Here are three recent articles:

  • Why Daniel Craig was always going to return as James Bond
  • Why Ed Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones was a bad idea
  • Why You Should Be More Excited For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Than ‘Infinity War’

I didn’t even realize Thor was an entrepreneur.  This begets the question: Is Forbes really delivering the type of site visitors their advertisers are paying for?

WIRED has built a great rep as a magazine that allows you to keep up with tech and innovation in the business space.  If you’re interested in advertising there, their website promises that they are, “the ultimate authority on the people and ideas changing our world. We don’t just write about the future – we ignite it.”

But what kind of stories are they promoting?  Here are three recent ones in the social media feed:

·      The Perfect Comic to Honor Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday

·      Stunt Coordinator Breaks Down ‘Atomic Blonde’ Fight Scene

·      Game of Thrones Recap Season 7, Episode 2: Nothing Is Certain

It’s true that these articles are ideas about changing the world.  Just not our world.

Are these magazines (and so many others) delivering on their marketing promises when so much content is devoted to fan boy and pop culture clickbait?  Is this content relevant in any way with the subjects they are supposed to be covering, and delivering the type of visitors advertisers think they’re buying?

And what about actual news and journalism platforms?

CNN offers “Paid Content” on their site, with articles promoting credit cards, SUVs, and Mack Weldon underwear.  Fox News has “Sponsored Stories” promoting ExxonMobil, Kelley Blue Book, and BioHiTech Global, which the article states, “could possibly be one of the best investment opportunities we have come across in years.”

So it turns out that “fake news” isn’t just stories unfavorable to the president.  Because these are all presented as pseudo stories, or advertorials, which is a nice way to say fake news.

And once again, we’re faced with some perplexing questions…

Is it ethical for news sites to participate in practices like this? Does marking them as sponsored make it all right?   Should we chalk it up to “buyer beware,” or is this practice a slippery slope that destroys journalistic credibility and/or even threatens the public good?

There are a lot of questions coming up, not so many answers.

– RG

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Your Next Mountain to Climb

Randy Gage -

The foundation much of my work is based on is this:

Achieving goals doesn’t make you happy.  Your greatest happiness comes from the thrill, adventure and challenge of pursuing them.

In the last post, we looked at the issue of surrounding yourself with people who challenge you, and create the tension that drives personal growth. This is important, because to live a life of happiness, you must know that your greatest days are ahead of you, not behind you.

Yes the reflexes may slow, the eyesight might decline, and the bones may ache more. But your mind can grow, your wisdom can deepen, and you can continually move closer to enlightenment. That happens when you consciously choose it.

Two stories to illustrate from my personal experience…

I was speaking at an event with some other “big name” speakers. There were six of us on the program and they asked us all to join together on stage for a session at the end for a panel Q&A session. I was seated near the middle, and I looked to the left and to the right and came upon a startling conclusion…

Every one of the other panel members was living off the reputation of a mega-successful book they had written 20, 30 and in one case, 40 years ago. Afterward I told a friend of mine there, “If I ever reach that point, kill me.”

Next story…

After I finished the first draft of Risky Is the New Safe, I sent it to some colleagues whose opinions I respect for their comments on how I could make the book better. One of those people was long time friend Bob Burg. Bob loved the manuscript and told me it was my magnum opus, the greatest work of my life.

Of course I was honored to hear he thought that highly of it. But I told him it better not be. Because the best book I write, always has to be the next one. And that’s exactly what happened with Mad Genius. It was the hardest book I ever wrote and the one that challenged me the most. It debuted on the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into many languages around the world.

I am continually amazed at how ignorant I was, when I was six months younger. Which is why I am always updating old albums, writing new books, and making blog posts like this. I’m always looking for my next mountain to climb.

So what about you?

If you think you’ve accomplished your greatest work, what would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

You can look backward, reminiscing on all that was. Or you can be peering into the horizon, anticipating what you still have to accomplish.

What are you doing to challenge and grow yourself? What is the new mountain you must climb, to know your most important days are ahead of you?

– RG

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Find Someone Who Challenges You

Randy Gage -

Last post, we discussed how creating dynamic tension is necessary for manifesting a prosperous life.  And I told you that one of the best ways to generate that tension is having people in your life, who challenge you.

The path to prosperity and enlightenment is a series of journeys, from one comfort zone to the next.  And often along the way, you get a little too comfortable, for a little too long, in one of those comfort zones.

And you need someone to challenge you…

Not someone to guilt you into doing more, or make judgments about what makes you happy.  Not someone that compares you to others in a demeaning way, nor anyone who is pushing you because they are trying to live vicariously through you.  You need people like those like you need another hole in your head.

What we’re talking about are people who want only the highest good for you.  People who see the greatness in you, often before you see it yourself.

You want people who will remind you that you’re amazing – but also that you can be even more amazing.  Because untapped potential is an insult to the force which created you.

Happiness doesn’t really come from achieving goals.  It comes from the thrill, adventure, and challenge of pursuing them.  That is when you will be most alive.

So make sure you have at least a couple people around you who will challenge you, to create that tension between where you are, and who you want to become.

I try to do that for you through this blog and my YouTube channel.  But you also need someone close to you, who can give you that personalized perspective on what you’re capable of personally.  And if you don’t have that, then consider working with me in my Breakthrough U coaching program.  I promise I will challenge you in ways like you have never been challenged before.  Because that’s where the breakthroughs live.

The other dynamic that is so important in this process, is knowing that your greatest moments are still ahead of you, not in the rear view mirror.  I want to share some insights on how this plays out for me.  Which is where we will pick up next time…

– RG

P.S.  I’m returning to my roots!  I’m coming back here to blog much more frequently. So enter your email in the “STAY CONNECTED” box to the right if you want to get an alert when I publish a new blog post for you.


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Dynamic Tension for Prosperity

Randy Gage -

Here’s the paradox: You’re an imperfect human.  And that’s what makes you perfect.  So how does that all play into prosperity?  Or more specifically, how YOU manifest prosperity in your life? 

A big part of prosperity is being comfortable in your own skin.  Having healthy self-esteem, loving yourself, and getting your needs met.

Another part is gratitude.  Being grateful for who you are and the way you live.  Celebrating the people and circumstances in your life.  Loving others (and yourself) unconditionally.

But here’s the deal…

When you think you’re perfect, your life is perfect, and you’re happily ensconced in your comfort zone – that’s when you’re in trouble.

Because nothing great ever grows in the comfort zone.

So even though you need to love yourself the way you are – you also have to challenge yourself.  To create some dynamic tension, by envisioning things you want to do, have, or become.  Creating a bigger vision for yourself then where you currently reside.

It is that tension – the pull between where you are and where you want to be – that creates constructive dissatisfaction. This is positive dissatisfaction, because it’s not about feeling guilty or unworthy.  It is instead based on the realization that you are capable of, and deserve, more.  And this realization causes you to make the decision to pursue that ideal.

You do more or receive more, by becoming more. It is self-challenge created by self-esteem.

One of the best ways to generate the right amount of dynamic tension in your life, is having people who challenge you in an empowering way to cause this tension.  Which is what we will discuss in the next post…

– RG

P.S.  I’ll be doing a Prosperity TV episode about this topic of dynamic tension next week.  Be sure to subscribe to the channel here:

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7 Shocking, Surprising Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire

Randy Gage -

Been doing some critical thinking lately about what made the difference in my life.  How I went from “victim” mode into “victor” mode, and what transpired along the way.  So here are some insights into what worked for me.

You’ll notice and appreciate here that the emphasis here is on HABITS.  Because setting goals is great, but they don’t come about, unless you practice habits to make them so.

What I’m about to share with you are the habits that turned me from being sick, broke and miserable – to becoming a healthy, happy, multi-millionaire. And I’m not saying that for clickbait or hype.  Just being real.  Do with it what you will.


You’re probably going to hate this list.  Because it won’t be what you expect. But if you actually knew how to become healthy, happy and a multi-millionaire, wouldn’t you already be there?

What will disappoint some of you is that the list is so skewed to health and wellness actions.  You’re looking for power negotiating techniques, social media tips, or some secret “missing link” to wealth and prosperity.

Sorry to disappoint you.  This stuff ain’t sexy.  It just works.

Here’s the real kicker…

Some of you will HATE this post.  And not because you think it won’t work.  You’ll hate it because you know in your heart that it actually will work.  And that means you will have to come face-to-face with the reality that YOU must change.

You’ll have to stop talking about eating healthier or getting into shape, and actually do something about it.  Or much more threatening, confront the reality that you have an addiction you must end.

I get it. I’ve faced all those demons along the way, as well.  But the reality is that it is only when we are brutally honest with ourselves, and make sometimes difficult choices, that we create the real breakthroughs.

Here might be the most important formula for health happiness and success you will ever learn.

Clean Blood = Clear Thinking

Clear Thinking = Wise Choices

Wise Choices = Great Results

Read that one more time.  Really take it in.  Because really reaching success, really accomplishing amazing things, requires a few really important elements.  They include creating energy, making wise choices, and thinking clearly.

You should know, I’m not writing this to judge or moralize over you.  I’m not the food police and I’m certainly no saint.  I struggled with addiction most of my life. I’ve been known to down a few shots of Dr Pepper, and that’s probably me in the car in front of you at In-N-Out Burger.

This wasn’t written for you anyway.  I’m just preaching to myself – and letting you eavesdrop in on the conversation.

So, having said all that – what are the 7 habits that will make you healthy, happy and wealthy?  Here we go…

1) Drink Water

Drink lots of pure water.  Like at least six or eight glasses a day.  You need to stay hydrated to eliminate toxins and let your body operate properly.  If you’re quenching your thirst with three or five cans of soda a day, stop it.  The evidence linking over consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners with conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and heart problems is overwhelming.

2) Eat Lots of Living Food

Living food is alive. It has energy and life force. Carrots, celery, apples, pineapples and nuts are examples of living food.  Dead food has no energy or life force. Examples of dead food are Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos.  Muffins, cakes and cookies.  Pop Tarts and cinnamon rolls.  Candy bars and pizza.  The advertising agencies have brainwashed us into thinking these items are real food.  But they are manufactured substances.

Eating living food keeps you alive.  Eating dead food gets you closer to death.  Improve your ratio.

3) Do Healthy Shopping Once a Week

Look for organic food. Food without preservatives and other additives.  Non-GMO.  Keep nasty stuff out of your house so you won’t be tempted.  And keep healthy stuff handy.

4) Do Cardiovascular Exercise Daily

This keeps your heart pumping, your blood circulating, expands your lung capacity and helps your metabolism burn excess fat.

5) Do Resistance Training at Least 3 Times a Week

You need more than cardio.  As you get older, your muscles atrophy.  Build more muscle and you have better tone, flexibility and you’ll burn fat easier.

6) Nourish Your Brain

Set aside time every single day to nurture and nourish your brain.  Read positive books, listen to positive podcasts and other audios, and watch videos on personal growth and self-development.  Get your consciousness vibrating at a high level, so when you go out in the world – you’ll attract other people and circumstances vibrating at a higher level.

7) Create a Sacred Space for Yourself

We all need a place we can go to reflect, relax and do critical thinking.  It can be a garden, a balcony or even a closet.  But create somewhere you can escape.  Even better if you can do your daily self-development there.

When you build these habits into your routine, you’ll see dramatic increases in your vitality, energy and mental acuity.  You’ll think more clearly, your creativity will improve and so will your critical thinking abilities.

This will lead to improved discernment, so all the decisions you make about your life, health, relationships, investments and business opportunities are better informed.  Physiologically you’ll feel better and be happier.

Give your mind and body the fuel, rest, and exercise they need to serve you.  And then they’ll be available to take you to the places you want to be.

You up for that?


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Be Crazy…

Randy Gage -

I’m an artist: I write books.  I launch entrepreneurial enterprises.  That means I’m crazy.

I plan things. Strategize. Set goals. Create deadlines.  Then, the universe happens.  And my best-laid plans get blown all to hell.

Just like your plans do for you…

You have dry cleaning to pick up, kids that need to be taken somewhere, an elderly parent needing care, or any one of a million other distractions.

But they aren’t really distractions…

They’re your test from the universe – to find out how bad you really want – what you so desperately claim you do.

You can wait for the perfect time, when you’re ready, with the ideal environment, when you have enough money, and the situation is perfect.  But that only happens on TV.  In the real world, the only perfect situation is now.

Oh, and it might not work…

The business may fail.  The play gets panned by the critics.  You can’t find investors.

So what?  That’s round one.  Or ten.

Yes, you have to be crazy to be an entrepreneur.  There is simply no way to foreseen the forces that will shape, distort, and impact your success. But you have to take your best shot anyway.  Because like Mark Cuban says, you only have to be right once.

Yes, you have to be crazy to be a writer.  Hovering over the keyboard, pounding out words that might or might not get sold.  Hell, might or might not even get read by anyone other than your mother.

Just like it’s crazy to be a sculptor, choreographer, opera composer, dancer, or artist of any kind.  You will face the ultimate test, the ultimate critic: Yourself.

Be rational.  Study the odds.  But don’t let them deter you.  Sometimes you have to override logic, reasoning, and the advice of the crowd.  You innovate/design/create/write because you can’t live with yourself if you don’t innovate/design/create/write.

And know when you finally take the plunge, the universe will laugh at your best-laid plans.  And let you know how crazy they are.  That’s the test, to see if you really are crazy enough to achieve this daunting task.

Be crazy.


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Accessing Your Greatness

Randy Gage -

If you attempt greatness through seeking, you are vulnerable to interpretive understanding, the judgments of others, and their conditional approval.

No one can give you your greatness.


You have to access it yourself.  You must go beyond, to the place where a million gurus cannot preach to you, where the gods cannot favor you, and the social media trolls cannot touch you.

You have to go deep within yourself.  You must pass through questioning, perception, and judgment, and go directly to Truth.  You must wash your thoughts of memes, conditioning, and delusion – and simply reside in the basic essence of who you really are.

Earning a million (or a few billion) dollars won’t make you great.  Having your video or Facebook post go viral won’t make you great.  Even having someone famous (or great) declare you as great won’t make you so.

The most exalted sage won’t increase your greatness, nor will the most inspirational book.  Even accomplishing that achievement you worked so hard on will not do the trick.  Your greatness will come when you stand firm, breathe deep, and tap the inherent power you already possess.

Your greatness is unleashed when you simply accept it, and decide to become it.

– RG

P.S.  I’m returning to my roots!  I’m coming back here to blog much more frequently. So enter your email in the “STAY CONNECTED” box to the right if you want to get an alert when I publish a new blog post for you.

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The Power of Pain

Randy Gage -

Let’s be honest. You usually don’t learn a lot from your wins. It is our defeats, obstacles and challenges that teach us the most. And ultimately, our pain.

That doesn’t mean we want to go around inflicting pain on others, or hoping for more pain ourselves. But no matter how positive or optimistic you may be, you will still face pain.

Get over it.

Or more specifically, stop trying to create a life with no pain. It doesn’t exist. cNor would you want it to.

Take a cue from nature on this. Sunshine and rain are both necessary.  So are earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.  Nature doesn’t judge them good or bad, they’re all part of the balance and ecosystem that makes the planet work.

Your life fits in that same process.  You are going to have special moments in your life.  Amazing experiences.  Sensational accomplishments.  And some of the other stuff…

There is a certain amount of pain we all must endure. People you love will die. Many things won’t work out the way you hope. It’s all part of the game.

If you’ve never been hurt in love, then you’ve never let yourself be vulnerable and experience the true meaning of love.

You don’t have to seek out pain. But don’t try to create a life avoiding it. When you try to avoid reality, it always catches up with you, in amplified ways. So play the game and take the pain with the joy. And look for the hidden gifts and lessons it has for you.


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Celebrate the Crazy

Randy Gage -

So it’s 2 am in California and I should be sleeping.  But my mind is too riotous at the moment for that.  A situation that used to drive me berserk.  Now I celebrate it.  And so should you. Because I have come to recognize it is part of the “mad genius” process…

Sometimes you will become so excited about your work, the projects that you are doing, no amount of meditation is going to calm you down.  You have to get up, brew some tea, and create.

It might be designing a video storyboard, knocking out a chapter of a book, or scribbling the outline of a business plan.

Yes the world will think you’re crazy.  Normal people don’t do this.  But normal people never unleash the genius inside them.

So stop fighting the urge.  Forget about fitting in.  Celebrate the crazy, because that’s where your genius hides.

– RG

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Are You Ready for Your Biggest Breakthrough Yet?

Randy Gage -

For almost ten years, you guys have been beseeching me to bring back my Breakthrough U coaching program.  And for almost a decade, I’ve resisted.

The original program was a huge success; very lucrative and rewarding.  But it simply took up too much of my bandwidth.  There were too many people at the introductory levels.  And too many of them were “tourists” – people who wanted success, but weren’t willing to do the work it requires.

Now I’ve found a way to make it work.  Which presents an extraordinary opportunity for you…

With the help of the Internet and more recent technology, I’ve been able to construct a system, process, and platform that can work for us both.

It’s a way to provide you with the kind of intense, interactive, and customized coaching that can make a profound difference in your career and life.

The new Breakthrough U includes a monthly webinar, four personal consultations with me yearly, a monthly email update, a private Facebook group and deep discounts at my public events.

If this sounds intriguing to you, please read all of the details here:

I look forward to working with you, helping you achieve your goals!

– RG

P.S.  Obviously spaces are limited and will fill up quickly. So set aside ten minutes, get all the details, and then lock in your spot before they are all gone. Here is the link again:

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Unleashing Your Creative Genius

Randy Gage -

Let’s get this out of the way up front: Creativity is infinite.  The more you use it, explore it and give it away – the more you create and possess. 

So if you have any preconceptions that your creativity is limited, expiring or finite, lose them.

I just finished a few days masterminding with some friends. One of them in particular is someone I challenge to think more creatively.  He works in a space that requires bold, daring and imaginative thinking and I believe he falls into a rut of habitual thinking.  At dinner the other night he asked me for some suggestions on how he could change the way he thinks.

Stop here and think about that last sentence.  Because what my friend did was breathtaking in scope.  He took one of the most important steps to critical thinking, and arguably the single most important step in self- development and personal growth…

He asked how he could change the way he thinks.

There may be nothing more important for you, then coming to this stage of your life.  The point where you become the thinker of the thought – and think about not only what you think about – but how you can change the way you think.  Because when you change the way you think – you change everything.

The first thing I charged my friend to do is change his environment.  And for him, you and I, that’s a code word for evaluate the people in your life.  More specifically, the people you allow to influence you.

Everyone can speak into your life. The key is having the discernment to choose who you listen to.

You need a “sacred circle.” These are the people you intentionally and mindfully have chosen to bring close to you.  Jim Rohn used to say that your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  I’ll take it further: your health, relationships, marriage and overall happiness will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Most of us have surrounded ourselves with people who give us permission to stay the way we are.  In fact, they sometimes demand it.  After all, they like you just the way you are.  That’s the good part.

The dark side comes when they are threatened by your growth, because they’re afraid of being left behind.  If so, they may subconsciously try to sabotage every breakthrough you strive for.  (Without even being aware they are doing this.)

You probably have negative people in your life.  You may be married to one.  It is what it is.  You don’t have to forsake these people.  (Although sometimes you might be better off doing that.)  But you may have to regulate the amount of time you spend with them.

Don’t disburse your relationship energy on a “first come, first served” basis.  Be mindful of who you are spending time with.

If you have people around you who say things like:

  • We’ve always done it this way.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.
  • Stay within the lines.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  • Can’t you be more practical?
  • Follow the rules.
  • We can’t afford to make a mistake.
  • Rules are there for your own benefit.
  • Isn’t that a little grandiose/ostentatious/overambitious?
  • That will never work.
  • No one has ever done that.
  • Think of your image.

Those are warning signs that you may be surrounded by people who are holding you back. (Or more accurately, that you are allowing to hold you back.) Be mindful because when we discuss unleashing your creativity, what we’re really talking about is ideas, and the intrinsic power they possess.

And ideas are fragile creatures when they are born.

They can be killed by a dismissive remark, a raised eyebrow, or a snarky review.  You need someone in your life that nurtures your ideas.

Ideas feed upon themselves.  Ideas build on other ideas to create yet more powerful ideas.  Breakthroughs are usually not something new, but instead are the result of two existing elements that together produce a new concept.  Bring me a good idea and I can then give you a great idea.

Don’t be scared by new ideas.  Be scared by old ones that have expired.  Many breakthroughs come when you question the premise.  Even someone with a limited intellect can spot a wrong answer.  Intelligence is being able to spot a wrong question.

The second suggestion I gave my friend was to attend a couple conferences a year that are outside of his field, where he will struggle to keep up, and think in vastly different arenas.  Every year I look for one or two conferences I can attend, where I’m the dumbest person in the room.  Now it’s not easy for me to find conferences that meet that criterion, but they’re out there.

If you’re in retailing, go to something on Internet marketing.  If you’re in Internet marketing, go to something on manufacturing.  If you’re in leadership, attend a symposium on chaos theory, the unified field, or whether God exists.

To become a critical thinker, to become a creative thinker – you need to be challenged.  You need challenges that cause you to think creatively, critically, logically and laterally.  The last suggestion I gave my friend and I would give to you is to read (or reread) my Mad Genius book with an agenda.  The agenda is to do some critical thinking about each of the scenarios I lay out in the book – cloning, designer babies, 3D printing, virtual reality sex, crypto-currencies, and all the others – and ask yourself how that development will impact in your area of expertise.

Obviously we have cultural norms, standard operating procedures, “best practices,” and lots and lots of rules.  Rules are useful, and necessary.  But remember this: all innovation, pretty much all human advancement, and almost every serious breakthrough has to be done outside the rules.  Otherwise they would never happen.

You need to ask, ‘Why?’ on a regular basis.  Because if you don’t – eventually someone is going to be asking, ‘Why you?’

– RG

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