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Do Me a Favor?

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Hey would you do me a favor?

I never got the chance to meet my dad or play catch with him.  So if you still have yours, would you let him know how important he is to you?

None of my grandparents are still alive and I miss them terribly.  So if you have some left, would you let them know you love them?

I’ve had four spinal surgeries, so sometimes it hurts just to walk.  So if you have the chance to dance, would you do one for me?

Of course I don’t mean to troll you or milk sympathy for myself.  What I’m really asking is that you live your day today with gratitude, recognize all the blessings you do have, and celebrate them in the moment.

Will you do that for me please?


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Breaking Through to Greatness

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When Bob Dylan walked onstage at the Newport Folk Festival with an electric guitar, people thought the world was ending.  But of course it was simply the next evolution in music.

I’m old enough to remember when we thought Hill Street Blues and LA Law were breakthrough television.  Which at the time, they were.  Now if you watch Game of Thrones, The Wire, or The Sopranos, you think how quaint those old shows really were.

There was a time we thought Evel Knievel performed the most death-defying stunts ever attempted.  Now you can see at least ten exploits more daring in an hour of watching a half-pipe competition.  What we’re witnessing here is the natural evolution of process, when each generation of work and people builds upon the shoulders on the previous one, in ever-increasing levels of accomplishment.

Which of course, brings us back to YOU…

If you look back at what you were doing five or ten years ago – are you reaching new breakthroughs that make your previous exploits appear tame – or have you been just phoning it in?


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Live Bold, Daring and Imaginatively

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So many people are going through life walking on eggshells, keeping their head down, desperately trying to make it to death unnoticed.

What’s the point?

Their highest value appears to be avoiding confrontation, or the slightest possibility of controversy.  In Oz, they call this the tall poppy syndrome, based on the philosophy that the tallest flowers are the ones that get cut first.  So millions go through their lives, intent on keeping their heads below the cubicle.

They lose sales because they are afraid someone will tell them ‘no.’  They squander the chance at prosperity because they’re afraid to fail.  And they miss a chance at love, for fear of being rejected.

Yes, ships are safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.

Beat the drum, dance your dance, make a commotion.  Take a fucking shot!

Conflict can be positive when you learn from it.  Confrontation can be very helpful if it’s done respectfully.  Most of what is called controversial today is only controversial to fearful people.  Speaking up and taking a stand involve risks.  But almost everything worth doing, having or becoming involves risks.

If you’re not taking any risks, you not really living your life.  So here’s the real question for you…

What risk should you be taking, right now?


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Give Up “Martyr Mode”

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The martyr position has already been filled.  I did an episode on my Prosperity TV channel about this, but the subject bears repeating.  There can actually be goodness in selfishness.

If your own needs aren’t being met, you’ll be no good to anyone else.  Of course we all will face situations when we choose to prioritize someone over ourselves. Parents do this all the time with their children.   If you have an elderly parent or a family member with special needs, you might be conflicted at how you can handle everything for everyone.  I get that.

A lot of times, there are no easy solutions.  But one thing I know for sure.  When you switch over to “martyr mode” and all your time and efforts are spent meeting the needs of others – you are setting yourself up for a horrific breakdown.

You have to make sure your needs are met, or you won’t be any good to anyone else.  If you really want to save the world, you have to do it from your surplus; your abundance.  

Make time for yourself to eat right and exercise.  Make time for relaxing or hobbies.  And carve out the time you need for self-development.  Your job is to become the highest possible version of yourself.  And when you do that, you help the whole world.


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Circulate Your Prosperity

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True and abundant prosperity is never about possessing things, but enjoying, sharing and ultimately, releasing them.  This is true for both your spiritual gifts and your material possessions.  Hoarding is miserly and actually creates lack in your life.  Prosperity is about circulation.

Think of prosperity in terms of a brisk, flowing river.  It’s always moving, releasing pressure, and seeking its proper level.  On the other hand, when water pools in a stationary place, it becomes cloudy and stagnant.  The laws that govern prosperity operate the same way.  When you circulate substance, you break the energy block and keep the river of prosperity flowing freely.

Anything that you don’t circulate and share will eventually become lost to you.  One day you’ll go into the vault to retrieve it, and you’ll only find ashes or rust.

If your prosperity seems blocked, usually the answer is to “sow a seed,” and start circulating what you have.  When you’re willing to share things you possess, you attract that which you really desire.


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Forget the Self-Flagellation

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We’ve been exploring some of the stories we tell ourselves, and how they can hold us back from achieving what we really want.  Last post we looked at the false emotional rewards you create, that actually hold you back.

So far I have asked you to do some honest introspection, to discover the stories you tell yourself, the false reward you’ve been getting, and then to release those stories that don’t serve you.

Here’s the last step, and it’s essential…

Once you recognize all these self-defeating beliefs – thank them for being there.  Seriously.  Because the reason you created them was to protect yourself.  They don’t actually protect you, but at your previous stage of consciousness (and sub-consciousness), you believed they did.

It’s important to recognize this, because the point of all this is not to slide down into self-loathing.  It is to recognize the beliefs that were sabotaging you and replace them with beliefs that empower you.

Please.  Forget the self-flagellation. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing.)  Forgive yourself.  Celebrate what you’ve discovered and start moving forward to where you want to be!



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Learn the Payoff for Your Self-Sabotage

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Last post we discussed how your story can create an illusion that you eventually actualize into your life.  And when that story is a negative, limiting belief, you essentially doom yourself to a self-fulfilling failure.  The illusion becomes the reality.

So how do you prevent this?

Two actions are critical here. One we will look at now, and the second will be in tomorrow’s post.

The first action is doing the critical thinking to understand the psychic or emotional reward you’re getting from a negative story.

This may surprise you, because you’re thinking that you don’t want a limiting belief.  But subconsciously, you actually might.  Some examples to demonstrate what I mean…

Let’s take the very common story, “all the good guys are taken or gay.”  When you sell yourself that story, you actually get psychic rewards for this.  Because when you buy that story, you get to be a victim, have friends commiserate with you, milk it for sympathy, and you don’t have to take any responsibility for why you aren’t meeting any men.

This issue of being a victim and being able to regale your friends with all your stories of how you have been wronged, cheated, or denied something is insidious.  I know, because I lived it for 30 years.  I was a professional victim and I surrounded myself with friends who were also professional victims.

Every time we’d get together, we would amuse and delight each other with our troubled tales of woe.  And you know what really pisses you off?  When someone has a “better” tragedy than you do!  When this happens, you subconsciously start working to create a cataclysmic event, which will win you more sympathy the next time.

These kind of emotional rewards are false.  They aren’t really rewards; they are crippling your chances for health, success and wealth.  So it’s really worth the effort and introspection to discover which false rewards you’re getting, and how they are actually harming you.

If you’re willing, please share what you work out in the comments below.  And tomorrow we’ll explore the second thing you need to do…


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The Illusion You Call Your Life

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What you are calling your life, is a completely fabricated illusion.  An illusion created on a minute-by-minute basis, with your perception.  In the last post, we discussed the victim stories you hang onto, in a desperate attempt to absolve yourself of blame.

When this happens, you’re actually creating an illusionary world to live in.  Because what you focus on, good or bad, ultimately becomes your reality.

So the first step is doing the critical thinking to discover what the stories you’ve already sold to yourself are.

Hopefully when you read the last post something jumped out at you, and you realized that your story that you’re hanging on to, is holding you back.  Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that…

I can’t __________

I always ____________

My problem is _____________

I never _________

I completely suck at _________

You’re the consultant (personal trainer, massage therapist, coach, hairstylist, etc.) who has sold yourself the story that there are no more good clients out there, willing to pay you what you want you want to charge.

Until you realize this is an illusion you’ve created, it will continue to be your reality.

Maybe you’ve sold yourself that a previous abuse in your life prevents you from opening up and accepting love.    Or that you’re not attractive enough to appeal to anyone.  Or that all the good guys (gals) are taken.

Until you realize this is an illusion you’ve created, it will continue to be your reality.

So let’s go back to this illusion you’re calling your life…

You can change that illusion – the moment you choose to.  And that’s where we’ll begin on the next post…


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Let Go of Your Story!

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People sure love to hang on to their “story.”  You know the one.  The story that explains why you can’t get better, accomplish something mind-blowing, or succeed in life in general.

Some of the stories I hear a lot…

I’m too young/old to do that now.

My ex-wife took everything from me.

I was abused as a child.

My student loan debt is crippling me.

I have intimacy issues.

You need money to make money.

I don’t have the right connections.

My spouse doesn’t support me.

I can’t quit my job.

My parents never believed in me.

No one has ever done that.

Actually I could type about 4,000 more, but you get the point…

You know what the problem is with your story?  You’re using it to be a victim.  You’re psychically clinging to your story with a white-knuckled death grip – because you think it absolves you of personal responsibility.

Here’s the other problematic issue with all those goddamned stories…

There’s always someone else who had that same story.  And instead of using it as an excuse for why they couldn’t achieve something – they used it as motivation to do it anyway.


And don’t think for a second I’m done with you on this.  I’m already working on some of the ways I can metaphorically slap the shit out of you on the next post.   Not to insult you, demean you, or offend you.  But to be the one person who cares about you enough to tell you the truth.  (So if you want to keep living in the Matrix, be sure and skip Monday’s post.)  But until then, here might be the most liberating, breakthrough, and life-changing question you could ever ask yourself…

What’s the story that you’re holding onto – that you need to let go?


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Your Most Important Relationship

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People need other people.  Some of us need them more; some of us need them less.  But we all need that human interaction to one degree or another.  The danger occurs when you start looking for other people to validate you, or ask them to fill holes in your self-esteem.  That’s the point when you cross from a healthy relationship to dysfunctional one.

You can need people without being emotionally needy.  But that only happens when you have a healthy, harmonious relationship with the most important person in your life.


So how you doing on that?

– RG

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Principles of Prosperity in an Era of Snark

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Not sure what is going on for the rest of you, but here in the U.S. (and also the U.K.), things are really getting nasty between the two main political parties.  Republicans are outraged that a restaurant asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave.  But they thought it was great a few years ago when a deli refused to serve Vice President Joe Biden.  So how do you respond to this kind of a situation with prosperity consciousness?

The president often speaks at his rallies in ways that could incite violence against others.  A Democratic congresswoman has recently suggested that people should harass and follow around Republicans in a way that could also be dangerous.

Then of course is the issue of medical professionals who don’t want to provide birth control, or bakers who don’t want to bake wedding cakes for non-heterosexuals, because it conflicts with their religious beliefs.

What began as a debate on the issues has turned into personal and very vindictive attacks.  Each side seems to have a visceral hate for the other on social media and it is playing out all across the culture here today.

So what are the principles of prosperity that apply here?  And how can you rise above the pettiness, judgment, and ignorance?

My take is pretty straightforward.  Since I’m a Libertarian, I absolutely defend to the death someone’s right to refuse service to anyone else in their private property business.  If you have a café, bar, beauty salon, car repair, or any private business, I have no problem if you discriminate against anybody.  Doesn’t matter if it’s because they’re Asian, gay, or Republican.  Doesn’t matter if you hate people with red hair, astrologers, Mormons, or those over 40 years old.  Doesn’t matter if your justification is religious, moral, or simply because you hate an ethnic group.

The principles of prosperity would hold that you have the right to deny service to anyone you don’t like for any reasons.  Even hate, ignorance or racism.

By this principle, you should support the rights of the baker who doesn’t want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, and the restaurant owner who doesn’t want to serve anyone who works in the Trump administration.

But there’s only one catch…

You should support their right to discriminate on their own private property.  (And even welcome the fact that they are advertising their racism, sexism, ageism or whatever other ignorance they are proud of. This allows you to avoid patronizing people who act this way.)

But while you support their right to do such actions, you should never respond in kind.

Because if you do that, now you’re operating at their level; being driven by hate, ignorance and other forms of poverty consciousness.

I saw a post on Twitter saying, “Want to send a message to Trump? Consider helping a refugee.”  It’s getting lots of retweets, because doing so seems to make some people feel virtuous.  But that’s delusional bullshit.  You shouldn’t be helping a refugee to send a message to Trump or anyone else.  You should help a refugee because that’s the kind of human you are.

If you want to be an enlightened person, you have to live your life with prosperity consciousness.  That means you love everyone.  Even if you don’t like them.

There was a time we thought some races were inferior, women didn’t have rights, mixed race marriages were illegal, and people thought it was acceptable to own another human being.  And sadly to say, there are people who still believe these things.

Attacking them on social media will not change that.  Trying to treat them back with their own style of hate won’t make things better either.  Ratcheting up the divisiveness will only prolong the time we spend dealing with such negativity.  So please don’t try to “even it up” with what you perceive as the other side.  You have to rise above that.

It won’t change in a day, a week, or a month.  It may not even change in a lifetime.  But you will change.  And that’s the most important thing.  Because when you change, the world actually changes.


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Celebrate the Jerks

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You know that person who gets on your last nerve?  That lady who cut you off in traffic and caused you to wreck your car?  That person who brings out the absolute worst in you?

You don’t have to like them or what they do to you.  But celebrate them.

Know that they provide true value in your journey of growth and enlightenment.  On a deeper level, they will provide some of your greatest gifts.  These people are mirrors.  Because they allow you to discover things you don’t like about yourself, that you would discover no other way.

– RG

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Okay so you read the last post, and decided to really chase your dreams.  Now you better get ready for THE TEST.  Because the universe isn’t  going to simply allow someone to risk it all, step up and achieve their dreams.  Oh no, that isn’t the way that works…

You’re going to open your nail salon and the city is going to tear up the road in front of your shop.  You’re going to skip college, declare for the NFL draft, and then tear an ACL.  You’re going to decide you want to be an artist instead of a dentist, and your parents are going to stop speaking to you.

You see the universe has discovered that it doesn’t work if everybody just achieves their dreams on the first try…

Otherwise everyone does that, and there’s no one left to work at the hardware store.  So the universe instituted the testing system.  To test who is really serious about their dreams – and who is just a poser.

Now the universe is just waiting to see – which group you are in.


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Chasing Your Dreams

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Don’t you love it when you finally get the guts to take a risk, really go after your dreams, and one of your well-meaning friends or family jumps in to save you?

Have you really thought this through?  You’re going to give up a regular paycheck, retirement plan, insurance coverage and paid vacation to open up a wine shop?  Aren’t you worried about what will happen to you or your family if it doesn’t work?

Of course you’ve thought this through.  Of course you’re fucking worried!  You lied awake night after night until 3 am, worrying about those exact fears.

But you decided to move past those fears, because they scare you less than living life in a cubicle, watching the clock, and whining about how dry the donuts were that HR provided for the last staff meeting.

Your well-meaning friend is just that: well-meaning.   Thank them for their concern. But don’t make your decision by only talking to them. Talk to someone who took the shot.

Because the dreams that come without risk, aren’t the ones worth chasing.


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The Cold, Hard Truth…

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Everyone makes mistakes.  The reason some people manifest high levels of health, happiness and prosperity, is because they don’t repeat the same mistakes.  People who find themselves tearfully wondering, “why is this happening to me again?” usually aren’t dealing with reality.

They live in a delusional space where they’ve become good at lying to themselves.  They desperately attempt to convince themselves that real change isn’t required, that if they make some shallow, superficial change, the issue will be solved.  But of course it isn’t…

Because unless and until you change the underlying belief and behavior that is causing the bad results – those bad results are going to continue to manifest.

Like right now, odds are that subconsciously, you want me to explain this deeper.  You’re looking for someone to break the news about what is really holding you back.  (It’s flattering to tell yourself that, and make pretend that you are serious about improving you.)   But the truth is, only you can do that.

Because when you stop the avoidance behavior, and choose to leave delusion – you know exactly which behavior you need to change right now.

Don’t you?

– RG

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Facing Difficult Situations

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There are going to be some very painful situations in your life.  Other situations that are terrifying.  And even some that are horrific.  Sometimes life won’t seem very fair.

Because truth is, sometimes life is devastatingly unfair.

Facing these difficult situations will change you.  Never allow them to turn you into someone you’re not…

No matter how overwhelming the situation – let it make you stronger, wiser, and kinder.

– RG

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Be Willing to Do the Critical Thinking

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If you want to become successful, the first skill to develop is that of critical thinking.  You need the intellectual curiosity to actually question things, and the willingness to mindfully engage in thoughtful analysis. 

Millions of people just want to settle for easy, superficial answers, and blame their situations on fate or other outside factors.  It is becoming exceedingly rare to find people who even understand the concept of critical thinking.  Even of the few that do, many of them would still much rather play it safe and allow others to tell them what to think.

And that is why so many millions of people live lives of mediocrity…

The person who doesn’t practice critical thinking sees every defeat as a final outcome.  Critical thinkers are the ones who discover alternatives.  The first group identifies itself by victim-hood.  The second group discovers possibilities.

Which group are you in?


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Escape from the Soul-Crushers!

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One of my dear friends called me for advice on how to handle her mother who was dying of cancer.  My advice was simple: Let her die.

Of course that sounds hurtful, negative and heartless.  But it wasn’t really any of those things.  It was the only response I could suggest, to help my friend maintain her own mental health.  I suggested she hire a hospice worker to be with her mother at the end.  But to not visit her.


Because my friend was the victim of incest by her father.  And when she repeatedly went to her mother about it, her mother first denied it, then suggested she was bringing it on herself.  The mother has spent the past 40 years trying to guilt her, playing rackets, and mentally abusing her.

I could write a couple book chapters on the other negative and dysfunctional abuse she has heaped on her family, but prefer to leave it alone.  The point is, this woman was so toxic and harmful to the people around her, some of them (like my friend), needed to completely remove her from their lives.

This is not about forgiveness.  I helped my friend work through that already and she has forgiven her mom.  But that doesn’t mean she could be around her any longer.  She couldn’t.  It was simply too detrimental to her mental health to do so.

One of the most chilling realizations you can come to, is that you have someone in your life that is so toxic and/or abusive, you need to completely remove them from your life.  But remove them you must.  Because your mental health, happiness, or even your life may depend on it.

In the case of abuse, there really are dangers to your life.  Abusers left unchecked often get progressively more dangerous and violent.  And they are experts at manipulating their victims and leading them to believe it is their own fault. If you’re not sure, here is a list of warning signs of abuse.    If you feel physically threatened, please seek immediate professional help.  Check out this site or

No one has the right to mentally or physically abuse you, or ruin your life.  No one.

It doesn’t matter if they are your spouse, family friend, person in authority, or blood relative.  When you have someone that you believe doesn’t really want the highest good for you, you need to reduce your exposure to them.  If they continue to try and tear you down, remove them from your life completely.  And if you feel you are in any danger, get professional help immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do feel threatened, please don’t post that below in the comments.  Your website viewing may be being monitored.  Please seek professional help.

Hopefully you’re not facing physical harm or abuse.  If you are, you’re beyond my ability to help you and need to seek out the authorities and mental health professionals.  So I’ll say no more on that.  But I would like to restate that there may be people in your life that don’t pose a physical threat, but they are extremely dangerous to your mental health, harmony, and prosperity.

They are soul-crushers.  Soul-crushers have given up on their dreams, and they’re left with nothing but pettiness, bitterness and misery.  They spend their lives attacking, ridiculing, and sabotaging anyone they see who is on the path of prosperity.  They simply won’t stop until they crush your soul.  Because if you become successful, prosperous and happy, you take away all of they excuses.

Life is way too short to allow soul-crushers into yours.  Don’t stay in dysfunctional relationships.

Maybe your religion teaches you that you must stay in a threatening relationship no matter what is happening to you.  That’s simply cult-level, brainwashing bullshit.

Maybe you believe because someone is your blood relative you must accept whatever they throw at you.  That’s more craziness. (And they will attempt to use you guilt against you to hold you down further.)  There really are situations where it is appropriate, even necessary, for you to completely remove someone (even a family member), from your life forever.

You are human.  And you are born with the inherent birthright of endeavoring to live a life of prosperity.  Don’t ever let anyone steal that from you.

You know the life you fantasize about when you stare out the window?  Live that life!


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Upgrading the People in Your Life

Randy Gage -

I believe the path to enlightenment and prosperity is a continuous progression of “upgrading” the people in your life.  Often this happens naturally, as people move away from each other and interests change.  Other times, you have to proactively and mindfully make this happen.

Like I mentioned in the last post, this isn’t about being arrogant or thinking you are better than other people.  (Although in many cases, you actually might be.) You have to recognize that different people are on different journeys.

Your best bud, who was the drummer or your rock band in high school, may not be going on the same direction as you, when you guys are 30.  People who are your drinking buddies when you’re 20, may not be the best influence on you when you are in your 40s.  People growth and reach awareness at different speeds and different levels.

I like to think of consciousness development as the size of the window through which you view the world.  As you develop, the window gets bigger, allowing you to take in more and more prosperity.  As this happens, if you’re mindful, you will notice that some of the people surrounding you are not keeping up.

• You want to watch something on NatGeo and they want to watch The Bachelor.
• You want to play chess and they want to find a happy hour somewhere.
• You desire to live in harmony and they feed off unnecessary drama in their relationships.
• You want to set aside money for investments and they want to bet it on the Lotto.
• You like to exercise and eat healthy, and they like to binge watch and drink booze.

When it comes to the breaking point, you will discover something critical:

Most people want to be surrounded by others who give them permission to stay the way they are.  And you want to be surrounded by people who challenge you to become a higher and better version of yourself.

So that takes us back to the immutable law of the universe…

Your health, happiness and prosperity will be the median of the five people you spend the most time with.

Recognizing this, you realize that that are some people you need to start lowering your exposure to.  Maybe instead of meeting for dinner once a week, you go to every other week, or once a month.  There may be groups, or social events, or specific environments that you decide to reduce your participation with.

At the same time, you consciously work to find and attract people who are operating at a higher consciousness, that you can bring more into your life.  When you become serious about self-development and personal growth – you actually make this a conscious, mindful process.

You don’t create criteria of a certain net financial worth, but you do look for people who are manifesting prosperity, harmony, and abundance in their lives.  You look to bring them into your life and think about how you can add value to theirs.

In the next post, we’ll explore what has to happen in the extreme cases, when someone is so toxic and/or abusive you need to completely remove them from your life.  But until then, here’s a question to do some critical thinking one:

How often do you put yourself in the company of people who challenge your beliefs, expand your concept of abundance, and inspire you to become a higher, better version of yourself?

– RG

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