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Changing Direction by Changing Habits

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Sometimes in life, you realize that the path you’re on is actually taking you somewhere you have no desire to go.  And you need a course correction.  With a new map.  Changing results, by changing your direction can really be broken down into three steps.

The first step is bringing a bad habit into your awareness.  This is the most important element, because you come out of denial and recognize that the behavior you are doing is hurting you.

Next, you must replace the habit.  Consciously practice a better way.  One that changes the course and gets you back on the path towards your goal, dream, or accomplishment.

Finally you must rehearse the new habit every chance you get – until it becomes automatic.  By doing this you create the psychic “muscle memory” that brings inherent learning and creates implicit mastery.

You’re actually rewiring the emotional centers of your brain, creating a positive feedback loop.  It’s all about repetition and practice.

But it all starts with awareness…

Being willing to be self-aware, taking stock of where you are, versus where you want to actually go.  How you doing on that?


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Take the Risk!

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As a writer, I can tell you that the moment you lose your ability to take a risk, you have just crossed over to artistic death.  But of course this lesson is not confined only to artistic endeavors…

It’s true in business.

It’s true in sports.

It’s true in love.

So what’s the risk you need to take today?


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Help Me Believe You

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If you want me to buy your product, join your cause, or embrace your idea – help me believe you.  Because if I think you’re overselling or misleading me, I’m probably going to discount and doubt everything you say.

Tommy John underwear, BG Oil Changes, and Madison Reed hair coloring all promise me their products are “life-changing.”  Really?  I’m wondering what kind of life would really be changed by one of those products.  And it sure ain’t mine.

When President Trump tells me, he watched “thousands and thousands of people” in Jersey City cheering the twin towers falling, that the U.S. is “the highest taxed nation in the world,” or Ted Cruz’s father was with Oswald when he shot JFK – I start to question if he really did have the largest inauguration crowd in history.

 Kellogg’s, when you claim that Frosted Mini-Wheats improves kids’ attentiveness, or that Rice Krispies improves a child’s immunity – I wonder if you have any knowledge about health, or if you’re pulling my leg just a little bit.

When Snapchat told me those pix disappear forever, or Extenze assures me that it is “scientifically proven to increase the size of a certain part of the male body,” or Splenda says it is “made from sugar,” when in fact it is a highly processed chemical compound made in a factory – I begin to think those brands are drinking their own bathwater.  And question whether they have my best interests at heart at all.

So let’s go back to where we started…

If you want me to buy your product, join your cause, or embrace your idea – help me believe you.

– RG

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Shortcut to Success

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Seems like everyone is looking for a shortcut, hack, or easier way to reach success. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to success.  But there are ways to get there quicker…

A great way to speed up your progress is changing your focus.  Instead of fixating on what you want to achieve – look instead at who you want to become.

Because when you become the right kind of person, you attract people and circumstances that are in alignment with your goals.  And get you there with less effort and time.

Ain’t it great!

– RG

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The Prosperity List

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I’ll be traveling in the morning, so I’m posting this early.  It’s a list I keep for myself.  I consult it whenever I’m stuck on a problem, need a creative jolt, or begin to feel overwhelmed.  Thought you might find it helpful.  If it speaks to you, copy and tape it up in your work area someplace.


Question the premise.

Don’t be a jerk.

Don’t put up with jerks.

Do the critical thinking and follow it to its logical conclusion.

Suspend logic and imagine an alternate reality.

Believe in the dream.

Be possibility-based, not fear-based.

Get some fresh air and sunshine. (Or run in the rain.)

Consider the possibility that you may not be right.


Do a load of laundry.

Be brilliant.


P.S. If you haven’t seen it, I’m doing a podcast now on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, and all the major platforms. It’s the Power Prosperity Podcast.

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Taking Care of Yourself

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Someone very close to me is losing her husband to a terminal illness.  Making things more complex, they have young children.  So my friend is working like a superhero, trying to keep everything together.  And doing an amazing job for everyone.

Except herself.

It’s an easy trap to fall into.  And one you have to avoid like poison.  Because it is poison…

My friend loves to read.  But she hasn’t picked up a book in months.  In fact, she hasn’t done anything for her own state of mind in months.  Because she is so busy taking care of everyone else.

But of course she needs to take care of herself first, if she wants to help anyone.  Just like you have to take care of yourself first…

So are you doing that?

– RG

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Celebrate the Journey

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Where did the months go?  As I look back over 2018 so far, I am grateful for so many things.  Proud of many other things.  But all of that pales in comparison for what I expect for the rest of the year, for you, me and the entire community here.

I hope you take some time today to reflect on your progress so far.  Remember with gratitude the challenges you overcame, and the lessons they taught you.  The path you took blessed you in many ways, some that you’ll never even know.

Remember the people in your life, who helped you along your journey of growth, consciousness, and adventure.  Take a few minutes and say a prayer or affirmation for them.

And when you are done with this remembering, let go of the past with a sense of completion.  Boldly, eagerly, and excitedly look forward to the future, and the greater good it has waiting for you.

Celebrate the Journey.


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One Step Closer…

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The world of personal growth and self-development sometimes seems to be eternally omphaloskeptic.  Everyone is special and enjoys the contemplation of their navel.  Instead of their goals.

There are lots of affirming, visualizations and meditations.   Plenty of dreams, goals, and objectives.  But please don’t lose sight of the most necessary element of success: the actual work it requires.

Your goal may be monumental and seem daunting.  The best ones, the worthwhile ones, usually are.

But getting there is still a journey of one step after another.  Making sure that before you go to bed tonight (and every night), you’re at least one step closer to your dream.

So how you doing on that?


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Inner Peace and Outer Peace

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We live in tumultuous times.  There are wars and natural disasters, political divisiveness and hate.  It can be hard to remember that peace is always possible.  And it always starts with inner peace.

When you center in peace, you create an inner harmony that makes your life so much more worth living.  And you inspire those around you to reach for peace as well.

When we envision peace together, we create a consciousness that ripples around the globe.  You can’t control the world. But a world of true prosperity and harmony can only begin with inner peace.  So sometimes you need to block out the world around you and have a little “church.”  The words from one of my favorite songs comes to mind:

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me…”


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The Virtue to Lead…

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I just finished the 1,248th book I’ve read on leadership.  (Give or take one or ten.)  Leadership books are actually a cottage industry these days.  Too bad so many of them completely miss the mark…

There are books on grooming leaders, discovering leaders, and nurturing leaders.  Books on the irrefutable laws of leadership, the levels of leadership, and when leaders eat.  And of course thousands more on how you become a leader.  These books teach you how to define your leadership type, how to get others to follow you, and how to become a more powerful leader.  And of course how to present your leadership style in a powerful PowerPoint presentation.

But why does almost no one ask the most important question that can ever be asked about leadership?  Which is…

Are you worthy of being followed, and if people do follow you – do you have a worthwhile destination or result to lead them to?


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The Best Way to Save the World

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Next month, we begin hurricane season in the Atlantic.  Yet huge swaths of Puerto Rico are still without power from the last one.  The big Island of Hawaii has the Kilauea volcano threatening residents and on Kaua’i they’ve had serious flooding, forcing many from their homes.

Truth is, there are natural disasters, emergencies and other challenges happening to people every day.  So how do we deal with them?

The best way to be prepared for disasters and challenges and other unexpected emergencies is to be wealthy.

I’m not saying that to be snarky, disrespectful, or arrogant. I mean it seriously. I know what it is to be displaced by a hurricane and have great empathy for the people in Hawaii and the victims of other tragedies.  And do what I can personally to help.

And what I have learned is this.  When I was broke, I couldn’t help many people, because I usually couldn’t even help myself.

The best way to help the poor, downtrodden and victimized – is not be one of them.


– RG

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The Prosperity Power of Curiosity

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In yesterday’s post I spoke about celebrating the awesome astonishment of now.  But I must admit, I did experience some negative thoughts about the issue…

During the NASA live stream of the release of the SpaceX/Dragon Cargo Craft from the space station, I sent out a tweet, beseeching all parents to get their kids to watch.  A few minutes later as I was watching myself, I started wondering if kids today would find the show very mesmerizing.  There were long pauses between the action, where the feed was completely silent.

I began to worry.  Would a kid today, raised on video games and JJ Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Wars even pay attention to an actual real-time NASA feed?  Would the live stream create the same awe, wonder and curiosity – to fuel the desire of the next generation of scientists, pioneers, and space explorers?

That line of thought was actually a little depressing.  But my next realization brightened things up…

Because the next generation of explorers (or teachers, visionaries, innovators and others who disrupt our current reality), doesn’t have to come from reading textbooks, listening to professors, or watching actual NASA feeds.  If that spark of curiosity is fanned by Harry Potter, a superhero movie, or any other flight of fantasy, it is still curiosity nonetheless.

If you read my Mad Genius book, you know that curiosity is vital to development, innovation and breakthroughs.   It is the power that takes us forward.  So let’s discover it, nourish it, and celebrate it, wherever we find it!


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The Awesome Astonishment of Now

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My softball practice got rained out Saturday morning.  Just as I was trying to decide whether to be angry at my coach, God, or nature, I was diverted by a tweet from NASA. The SpaceX/Dragon CRS-14 Cargo Craft was about to be released from the International Space Station (ISS).  So at 9:23 am Eastern, instead of slogging through the traffic on I-95 north, I watched the event unfold live on my 24-inch computer monitor.

The robotic arm released the craft, and it went through a series of three departure burns, to move away a safe distance from the elliptical track of the ISS.  Then it began its return to earth, with 4,000 pounds of cargo, mostly critical science experiments.  It would be controlled by Space X flight controllers in California, moving from its position over Australia, to splash down in the Pacific Ocean west of California.  The cargo will be removed and the craft will travel to Texas, to be refurbished for re-flight at a later date.  (BTW, on the same day, NASA launched its latest mission to Mars, which is due to land in November.)

There were views from earth, outside the ISS, and from the cupola, with the same sight lines as the astronauts.  Some of it was grainy footage, tough to discern what was happening.  At other times it was spine tingling, realizing that you were watching real-time as something breathtaking was taking place, being streamed live on the Internet for all to see.

There was a time an event such as this would be covered live, by every television network on earth.  Now it barely registers a blip even from science geeks.  Real action has a hard time competing with the drama, cinematography and star power of a Christopher Nolan film.

But if you allow yourself to be de-sensitized, you’ll miss out on a lot of modern-day miracles.  Miracles that are happening all around us, in the moment.

Please.  Never lose sight of the awesome astonishment of now.

– RG

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The Doubt Channel versus the Dream Channel

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Eleanor Roosevelt suggested that the future would belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.   She’s got my vote.

Accomplishing something really special, extremely difficult, and especially something truly worthwhile – is usually going to involve overcoming obstacles, needing to learn new things, and perhaps facing fears.

So how do you get past all that, and end up in the Promised Land?

A big part of that is which channel you watch.  The Doubt Channel or the Dream Channel.

I would make the argument that 85 percent of people have a default setting to play the Doubt Channel.  They have a knee-jerk reaction to highlight potential difficulties, worst-case scenarios, and the rational for why it won’t work.

The remaining 15 percent have a default for the Dream Channel.  They envision the possibilities and potential.  These factors override the potential negative ones for them.   And I’d argue that this 15 percent of the population is responsible for 85 percent of the world’s best breakthroughs, innovations and inventions.  And of course, these people are the most likely to be actually living their dreams.

And I believe the reason is that they create the right stimuli for success.  They reach some astonishing achievements because they have discovered one simple, yet profound truth…

If your mind is filled with goals and dreams, there’s no room left for fear and doubt.

– RG

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Going Back in Time

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If you ever want to know about the past, join a 50+ softball league.  Every one of us has our stories about our walk-off home runs, the brilliant defensive plays we made, and the titles we’ve won.  And that can be fun, reminiscing about the past…

It can also be escapist, boring, and terminal.  Because when you live in the past, it comes at the expense of the present.  And if the highlight of your present is a memory of the past…

The most productive visits to the past – are the ones that provide insights for your future.

– RG

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Deciding for Prosperity

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Without a doubt, prosperity is a decision.  But oftentimes, the thing that keeps people – and companies – from reaching prosperity or success, is their inability to make a timely decision.

One of the biggest issues I encounter when I’m consulting with companies is they simply can’t reach a decision.  We have a meeting, collect the facts and discuss the options.  Then we set a date for the decision.  But you what happens on the decision date?  They want to have another meeting and discuss the same facts and options again.  And again…

What they’re looking for is a way to know completely 100 percent of the variables, so they can make a decision with no risk.  And individual people want the same thing.

But it doesn’t work that way in the real world…

For a company, if you wait until you have 100 percent knowledge, you’ve already missed the opportunity, because someone smarter than you has already moved in and scooped up the market.  If you want a 100 percent certainty that something is a good investment, the yield is probably going to be so low it isn’t worth it.

For an individual, if you wait until something is 100 percent guaranteed before you move, you’re going to live a life of mediocrity.  If you wait until there is a 100 percent chance you won’t be rejected, before you let someone know you’re interested in them, you’ll probably end up as two ships passing in the night.

You have to be willing to take a chance.  If you don’t have any possibility of failure, then you don’t have any real possibility of truly winning either.

Due your due diligence.  Collect the information.  Do the critical thinking.  But you can’t wait to get 100 percent.  Once you’re at 70 percent, pull the trigger!  (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am biased, because I did write a book titled, Risky Is the New Safe.)

That doesn’t mean you won’t make some mistakes.  You will.

And that’s all part of the game, yo.  Taking the chance, gives you a much better chance at true success.  And it means you’re actually living a life of adventure, challenge and prosperity – not a life of mediocrity, running from fears and playing it safe.


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Blueprint for Manifesting Prosperity

Randy Gage -

We sure like to complicate things.  But the ultimate truths are usually quite simple, even though they may be quite profound.

Take a question I’ve been asked about two million times: People want to know how do you manifest prosperity?

The blueprint doesn’t require rocket science…

  • Create a vision of what you want to accomplish.
  • Decide what daily habits will move you forward towards that accomplishment.
  • Next, create a vision of WHO you will have to become to practice those daily habits.
  • Plant that vision in your subconscious mind.
  • Water with repetition and emotion.
  • Harvest.

Ain’t it great!


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Life Transformation – Releasing the Old You

Randy Gage -

What does the path to prosperity and enlightenment look like?  It begins by being open to change.  Then it involves releasing the past – the old you.  And that decision happens, or doesn’t, based on how you respond to one, very simple dynamic…

You either hate change enough to stay mediocre, or you hate being mediocre enough to change.

What we’re talking about is the ultimate manifestation of the vacuum law of prosperity.  (This is based on the principle that nature abhors a vacuum.  And when you create a vacuum odds are better that it is filled with good than with bad.)  In practical terms, this means releasing old habits, behaviors or beliefs that no longer serve you – so they can be replaced with habits, behaviors or beliefs that serve you better.  And in this specific instance what I’m saying is:

You must be willing to let go of who you are – to transform into who you are meant to become.

Yes it can be frightening.  But that’s where the breakthroughs live.

So what does that transformation look like? How can you break it down, step-by-step?  That’s what we’ll explore in tomorrow’s post.  In the meantime, please check in below with any thoughts you have.


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Responding to the Challenges and Realities of Life

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In yesterday’s post we looked at how we can use the power of the mind.  And that is really about taking responsibility for your life, by taking responsibility for your choices.  Because it is by those choices you make, that you co-create your life.

Only you don’t get to choose everything…

You won’t be able to control the vast majority of things: Losing a loved one, economic downturns, or earthquakes are out of your control on a macro level.  Even on a micro level, you won’t be able to choose how tall you are, whether your cousin is a jerk, or if your softball games get rained out.

Shit happens.

Sure, you can influence things.  But shit still happens.  You could exercise, take supplements, eat healthy, not smoke, volunteer at the orphanage, be a good tipper, and still get diagnosed with cancer.

Horrible, horrific things happen to good people every single day.  And sometimes they are going to happen to you.  And when they do, you’ll face the ultimate question: whether you choose to become a victim or a victor.

We like to look at famous people on TV and fantasize about their stress-free, ideal, perfect lives.  But that’s just a fantasy.  Everyone has issues and everyone faces challenges.

Life is never about avoiding adversity, unless you want to live in a protected cocoon of mediocrity.  Life is about surviving and surmounting the adversities.  It’s never about what happens to you, but always about how you respond to what happens to you.

So how you doing on that?


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The Power of Your Mind

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We talk a lot about the power of the mind.  But never enough.  Because the power of a mind – the power of your mind – is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

Really.  But that power is dependent on how you choose to employ it.

To get to I-95, I take NE 82nd street.  Often I catch the light at NE 2nd Avenue.  It’s a developing neighborhood, one you would formally have called a ‘hood.  So there was an issue with graffiti.  At that particular intersection, there is a building on the left.  It’s a dull gray.  But there are actually about three or four patches of different gray paint, done in blocks, obviously a case of painting over graffiti over the years.

On the right side of the intersection is another building.  Obviously the owners invited a graffiti artist to work on the building and it is a magnificent canvas of beauty, graffiti murals from one end to the other.

Same neighborhood, same intersection, two very different choices.  Two very different uses of the power of the mind.

Your mind is an instrument for poverty or prosperity.  Be conscious of how you choose.

– RG

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