Welcome !!

Ska se om jag kan hitta något att dyka i ...

Welcome to my new web site !!

Glad you found us ...

Here I intend to have information about me and my interests. It started with me having a web page of my own for RSS feeds. One of the ideas behind this site is to have RSS collected in interest areas. There are only a few to begin with.

  • Life Shots
  • personal development
  • Web development
  • Thailand

Things will be added to the list when I get the time I need.


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This website is done in Drupal.

Drupal provides an installation script that automatically populates database tables and configures the correct settings in the settings.php file. This section covers preparing for installation, running the installation script itself, and the steps that should be done after running the installation script has completed. It also explains how to do a "multi site" installation, where a number of different Drupal sites run off the same code base.

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